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Land Rover Defender 2020: What Kind of Sorcery is this?!

What’s to like about it:

  • Outstanding versatility
  • Impressive off-road ability
  • Refined interior
  • Loads of accessories and add-ons
  • A diverse range of engines

The long-awaited return of an iconic all-rounder is upon us. After all, it seems that the new Land Rover Defender could be one of the rare positive things in 2020.

The release of the new model has created a lot of hype. For that reason, we wanted to see up close what all the fuss is about when it comes to Land Rover Defender. Safe to say, the new generation of the Defender exceeded our expectations.

Brilliant design

At first glance, a Land Rover Defender might look a bit intimidating. Nonetheless, this gentle giant has a sweet side that grows on you as you spend time around this impressive vehicle. The secret lies in the balance of modern features and traditional elements.

In other words, the Defender invokes the old by using rounded headlights and lots of boxy shapes. Yet, the new generation is not flat sided. On the contrary, subtle curves make the Defender look even beefier than its predecessors. Plus, we must mention that the Land Rover Defender arrives in two primary versions, the 90 and the 110 models.

Superb off-road capabilities

Over the years, Land Rover perfected their skills regarding off-road performances. Following this, we can say that the Defender provides an exceptional driving experience away from the main roads. This sturdy vehicle will never get stuck. It’s as simple as that.

The four-wheeled drive is a standard feature with the Defender, and the same goes for air suspension. To be precise, this car uses a revolutionary D7X platform that allows it to climb a 45-degree angle. On top of that, Land Rover Defender offers excellent ground clearance and wading ability (up to 900 mm).

As customizable as it gets!

As we said, the Defender comes in two main versions, but you will also have six trims at your disposal. Likewise, four engines are on the menu, including a 2.0 four-cylinder diesel and a 3.0 six-cylinder petrol one. All the while, an 8-speed automatic will make the ride as smooth as silk.

And yet, the real deal with the Defender comes when you take a peek at the library of add-ons. Believe it or not, you could equip this vehicle with as many as 170 high-tech accessories. For instance, the portfolio contains gadgets such as an air compressor, power outlets, a fridge, roof racks, and so on. Of course, a wide array of colors is available as well.

Should you buy it?

The new Land Rover Defender bristles with tech, but it also provides a refined driving ability. This versatile beast can be your trusty sidekick on any adventure, in the city or out in the wild. No matter where you decide to take it, the Defender will respond to your needs. A jaw-dropping list of accessories is only one of the elements that make this car worth the price.

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