There are nice knives out there, and then there are works of art. The Lancelot folding knife from Laguiole Village is the latter.

Laguiole Village is a knifemaker located in Laguiole, France, which has a rich history of knifemaking; the term “Laguiole knife” originally refers to a very specific type of knife that has been made in the southern French village for almost two centuries, originally based on the Spanish navaja. This popular knife style emphasized a slim profile, with a very narrow and tapered blade inspired by sabre or scimitar. The folding mechanism was a slipjoint, and both were encased in a cattle horn handle (though wood was often used, too). As they are traditionally handmade, they are supposed to be built to excellent standards of quality.

Today, you’ll likely see a lot of knives calling themselves “Laguiole knives,” whether they are made in France. Many of them don’t even follow the traditional design, either; they might start by basing themselves off it, but soon take some liberties to create their own rendition of a Laguiole-style knife.

The Lancelot Knife is the perfect example. 12 cm long, it comes with a full juniper handle, paired with a matte steel blade. Together, they pay tribute to the original design of the Laguiole knife but give it a slightly-updated facelift.  Not too modern, of course, as the fine juniper handle keeps it firmly based in the classic style. The blade is wider and less tapered than a traditional Laguiole but the handle has some elegant curves. Finishing the ensemble is Laguiole Village logo, firmly forged guilloched onto the blade.

There are less expensive knives out there, and more modern-looking models. But sometimes, it’s the old-fashioned works of art that work (and look) the best.

Laguiole-Lancelot-Knife-2 Laguiole-Lancelot-Knife-4 Laguiole Lancelot Knife Laguiole Lancelot Knife