Smart glasses keep getting more popular and becoming a must-have as they improve. But few would say that smart glasses have ever really been very attractive and stylish. We’re also not really ever sure what the purpose behind a pair of smart glasses is – they have some cool features, but they aren’t really that useful or important. The Lance 2.0 are changing that.

To be fair, these aren’t smart glasses in the “traditional sense.” They don’t have built-in heart rate monitors or notifications. Instead, they are just a really high-quality, featured and flexible (literally) pair of glasses that can withstand the rigors of daily life – something that fragile glasses generally can’t handle.

They come in 8 different frame styles, in both Lance Classic and Lance Premium designs. The Lance Classic are made from Skylon – used in spacecraft – and Italian acetate, while the Lance Premium collection uses a titanium alloy exoskeleton. Both employ a Smart Bridge, made of what they call “memory shape” alloy that is flexible and completely bendable; it won’t break, and will return to its original shape. Now THAT is cool. The hinges are titanium and made to resistant bending and breaking, and all materials are hypoallergenic.

The lenses are sweet, too, with two models: Fade lenses, which adapt to changes in lighting, and Sharp lenses, which help block blue light from screens.

All lenses are impact-resistant polycarbonate, smudge resistant, have anti-glare, anti-fog, and anti-scratch coating, and are dust-repellent too.

And, like we said, you might actually want to wear these glasses. They’re definitely some of the nicest glasses you can get and will hold up to daily wear and shouldn’t break every time you drop them or sit on them. You can pre-order a pair on Kickstarter now; they even have a new app coming that will your virtually try on different styles to find the one you like most.

Lance-Glasses-2.0-Luxury-Smartglasses-3 Lance 2.0 Smart Glasses 2