The La Sportiva Spantiks are one hell of a boot. Built for scaling some of the iciest, most technical peaks in the world, they’re thick, comfy and warm, and rated for mountains up to 7000 meters tall.

The Spantiks uses a double-sole design, which is significantly thicker and heavier-duty than a regular boot, weighing a solid 5.1 lbs per pair. That’s a bit heavy for regular hiking, but respectable for climbing boots of this caliber.

The sole is Vibram Montagna, which in addition to having great grip, is step-in crampon compatible, ensuring they’re ready for steep vertical ice climbs and winter mountaineering. The midsole is made of TPU / Dual-density Micropore EVA, which makes it a comfy padded fit, while the insole is has thermal carbon fiber and aluminum for stiffness. The inner boot is a micro-perforated, thermoformed boot, which traps warmth in, and is coated with Water-repellent Lorica® with Antiacqua to help keep your feet warm and dry. The outer leatherette has the same coating.

The boot’s extra thickness and stiff sole can take a bit of getting used to, but come in handy when climbing up icy surfaces. La Sportiva also gave them a sweet Fast Lace system, which makes tying the laces with gloves on dead simple: Just one pull and the laces are cinched down tight, and you’re ready to rock.

Don’t forget to check out La Sportiva’s cool ThermoForm technology, which lets you mold the inner boot to your feet for a perfect, comfortable fit.

They definitely don’t come cheap, but if you’re looking for a badass pair of boots for winter escapades at high altitude, the La Sportiva Spantiks will get the job done.

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