Italian footwear maker La Sportiva makes some of the best hiking and trail shoes in the entire industry (and they’ve been doing so since 1928). From hard alpine boots and approach shoes to lightweight trail runners, their products always seem to combine sleek looks and construction with downright comfortable design and unbeatable performance. Their new-for-2019 Kaptiva trail runners are no different.

Lightweight and nimble, yet padded and comfortable, running shoes designed for precision performance on any mountainous terrain, these new shows have already made some loyal fans among trail runners and hikers in just the few months they’ve been out. Here’s why.

Kaptiva: Lightweight Design + Perfect Running Fit

The Kaptiva use La Sportiva’s Trust-Fit shape, which wraps around your foot and cradles it for a supportive – and very comfortable – fit that reduces foot slippage as well while running. This is paired with a Slip-On construction that works by using what is essentially a wrap-around inner sock liner, made from knit fabric. This keeps the shoe fitted tightly to your foot for security on the trail, while also reducing the amount of fabric used and creating a lighter, simpler shoe. The result? The Men’s Kaptiva weighs 9 ounces per pair while the Women’s clocks in at 7.9 ounces. (The sock-style liner is also just super comfortable).

Comfortable Flex + Grippy Outsole

One of the best parts about the Kaptiva is how well it flexes and adapts to the terrain as you run. The outsole has what they call “flex grooves”; grooves designed to help the sole bend as you run and keep better contact with the ground. The outsole itself is a FriXion® XF 2.0 with their Impact Brake System; it’s quite grippy and tacky and does an excellent job of grabbing wet rocks and mud.

Versatile Trail Running Performance: Kaptiva Rocks

If you’re looking for a high-end, super comfortable and nimble trail running shoe that performs versatilely on any trail, the Kaptiva will deliver. It’s got La Sportiva’s quality and reputation behind it – and the Italian-made design certainly doesn’t hurt, either.

So go ahead, try them out for yourself this season. They’re the perfect shoe for speed on technical terrain.

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