We have to admit: we’ve never heard of La Chameau before. The French bootmaker has been making excellent footwear for well over 90 years in the town of Cherbourg, in northwestern France. Full rubber hunting and fishing boots were their first products and remain their bread-and-butter to this day – though their lineup now consists of virtually any boot style you’re looking for – like the handmade, waterproof Chameau-Lite LCX hunting boots.

Designed to offer maximum protection and comfort while still coming in at a low weight, the Chameau-Lite LCX weighs only 1490g (52 ounces) per pair. At just over 3 pounds, that’s a respectable weight for a pair of 10” boots that are waterproof and feature a nubuck leather upper (they call it their Terragrain full leather, oiled, smooth and durable.). Underneath the leather upper is the La Chameau LCX Technology, their waterproof lining features a 5-layer construction that is virtually impermeable and will keep your feet dry no matter the mud, rain or river crossings you encounter, while remaining breathable enough to keep your feet comfortable.

The other part of this boot La Chameau really prides themselves on is the Deep Forest rubber sole, which was developed in conjunction with Michelin and is based on the specs used in motocross tires. This keeps them light and exceptionally durable, as well as ensures grip and traction on rocky, wet and muddy surfaces.

La Chameau advertises the LCX 10” as appropriate for year-round use, and says they’re designed for game stalking. We think that at this weight and amount of protection, they are good for all kinds of use – even hiking on bad weather. The only drawback? They pricey, coming in at $400 a pair. That’s the price you pay for a pair of handcrafted boots made with the utmost in care, precision and dedicated skill, though, so spend accordingly.


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