Main features of L.L. Bean Trail Model 4 Shoes:

  • Synthetic-mesh upper
  • Breathable TEK2.5 fabric
  • Cushioned EVA sole
  • Heel-and-toe bumpers
  • Lightweight and waterproof

Over the years, L.L. Bean grew into a renowned name in the hiking and trekking world. Almost every passionate outdoorsy person owns one or two products from L.L. Bean. It all comes down to the company’s attention to detail and dedication to excellence.

Well, the same applies to L.L. Bean Trail Model 4 Waterproof Hiking Shoes. This inexpensive pair will let you become a hiker without spending hundreds of dollars on fancy backpacking boots. As you will see, the fourth generation of the Trail Model will meet almost every hiker’s needs.

Innovative TEK2.5 Fabric

It all starts with the TEK2.5, which is unlike any other nylon fabric. Namely, L.L. Bean uses TEK2.5 because it is a lightweight material, which translates into a lightweight hiking shoe. If that’s not enough, the dependable TEK2.5 is also waterproof, making it perfect for L.L. Bean Trail Model 4 Waterproof Hiking Shoes. Water resistance eliminates the fear of walking around the great outdoors with wet feet.

We should also mention another top-quality feature of the TEK2.5 fabric: breathability. As you probably know, this element is essential on long-distance hiking trips.

Synthetic Mesh Upper

The upper part of Trail Model 4 Waterproof Hiking Shoes comes equipped with a synthetic mesh. However, this isn’t your everyday mesh that gets soaked easily and turns your shoes into weights. On the contrary, this advanced, synthetic mesh repels water. Thus, it doesn’t lose any of its properties.

Thus, these lightweight hiking shoes will also offer breathability and ensure comfort and ankle protection. What more could you need? Well, the list goes on, and L.L. Bean’s fourth generation of the famous Trail Model 4 hides a few more aces up its sleeve.

Cushioned EVA Sole and Rubber Bumpers

Among other things, we should mention that L.L. Bean Trail Model 4 Waterproof Hiking Shoes come with a cushioned EVA midsole. This element plays an essential part in keeping your feet steady on uneven terrain. Plus, the addition of the removable footbed also increases the comfort at the same time.

Of course, the last touches that make these shoes so appealing are the rubber bumpers. To be precise, heel-and-toe rubber bumpers protect both your feet and shoes themselves from rocks and rugged terrain.

Should You Buy Them?

You could try, but the chances are you will not find any similar products within the price range of L.L. Bean Trail Model 4 Waterproof Hiking Shoes. It’s safe to say that Trail Model 4 is a success, and it leads the pack in its price range.

So, if you are in the market for super-affordable hiking shoes, this model could be a perfect option. After all, L.L. Bean is a big-time name in the apparel industry, and they know a thing or two about making reliable outdoor accessories.