Main features of L.L. Bean Rambler PowerLock 2.1:

  • Super-strong aluminum
  • PowerLock 2.1 folding system
  • A padded strap
  • Trekking-style basket
  • FlexSteel tip
  • Rubber walking tip addition
  • T-Style cork grip

Many outdoorsy gentlemen will agree that L.L. Bean delivers some of the best hiking equipment on the market, without a shred of doubt. After all, the company offers a wide-ranging portfolio of top-drawer products for all tastes and skill levels.

Well, hiking staffs are an example of what L.L. Bean can bring to the table. Every experienced hiker understands the importance of a well-built staff because they allow you to trek for much longer and with less fatigue. Plus, dependable walking staff can help the elderly with moving around in cities. Therefore, it’s time to check what L.L. Bean Rambler PowerLock 2.1 Hiking Staff has to offer.

Resilient 7075-T6 Aluminum

In essence, a walking staff must be sturdy enough to support the hiker’s weight while also being sufficiently lightweight for hassle-free carrying. Of course, a heavy walking stick will make hiking much harder than it should be. That’s why the innovative L.L. Bean Rambler PowerLock 2.1 Hiking Staff weighs only 8 oz., perfect for an easy-to-use walking tool.

At the same time, L.L. Bean benefits from using the super-durable 7075-T6 aluminum. Namely, the alloy combines some of the best properties that aluminum could have – sturdiness and low weight. To be precise, the sturdiness lets the Rambler survive plenty of wear and tear, while the low weight ensures hassle-free backpacking and mountain climbing.

PowerLock 2.1 Folding System

As its name suggests, the Rambler Hiking Staff comes equipped with a PowerLock 2.1 folding system that makes it convenient for carrying when not in use.

PowerLock 2.1 folding system simplifies the usage, but it also holds the segments firmly in place. When you decide to fold the staff, the PowerLock will turn the 39-inch long rod into an 8.1 inch one. By doing so, you’ll be able to fit the Rambler into any hiking backpack.

Interchangeable Tips

When buying L.L. Bean Rambler PowerLock 2.1 Hiking Staff, you’ll get two different tips. They ensure you always have the best option, no matter the terrain. The FlexSteel comes with a super-sharp ending, ideal for walking in rough terrain. Of course, it can take quite a beating, offering a lifetime of use to a casual hiker.

The second option would be the rubber walking tip, perfect for concrete and other hard surfaces. The rubber tip reduces the impact and ensures a pleasant walking experience.

Is It Worth It?

Those who love hiking will find Rambler PowerLock 2.1 Hiking Staff a perfect tool for the job. L.L. Bean knows what hikers need, and once again, the company delivers the goods.

Admittedly, some hikers and backpackers might find the price excessive, but the quality typically demands a few extra bucks. Therefore, outdoor enthusiasts will never regret buying the feature-packed L.L. Bean Rambler.