What’s to like about L.L. Bean Henley Commando Sweater:

  • Inspired by the British Commandos
  • 100% merino lambswool
  • Elbow and shoulder patches
  • Four-button neck style
  • Turn-back cuffs
  • Excellent shape retention

Like it or not, the rainy days are upon us, only to be followed by winter, which is coming; make no mistake about it. So, it’s best to be as prepared as possible, with warm sweaters as the first line of defense.

Speaking of defense, we’ll present you with a model inspired by heroic efforts and fighting for your homeland. Yes, L.L. Bean Henley Commando Sweater follows the classic design seen during World War II, but it also offers much more. Let’s check it out.

Timeless Design

As the name suggests, L.L. Bean Henley Commando Sweater draws inspiration from the sweaters made during WWII for the Royal Air Force Bomber Command and the British S.A.S Commando Regiment. In other words, only the elite soldiers received these legendary sweaters.

Of course, the Commando Sweater appeared in many movies and video games depicting the events of the War. Nowadays, the US Army and the Navy use almost identical designs when making sweaters for their members. Moreover, even fish and wildlife services in the US copy the timeless design of the Commando Sweater.

Eye-Catching Details

Finding a warm and cool-looking sweater can be a challenge, but L.L. Bean solves this issue by including several neat details into the design of the heavy-duty Henley Commando Sweater. For instance, this extra warm sweater comes with patches on shoulders and elbows, ensuring maximum longevity and durability.

Likewise, the four-button neck style is not something you see every day, and L.L. Bean Henley Commando Sweater is not afraid to use this old-fashioned approach. Also, this sweater comes with turn-back cuffs, alongside an overall relaxed and nonbinding fit for all types of outdoor activities.

Warmth and Comfort

Of course, we shouldn’t forget to mention that L.L. Bean Henley Commando Sweater provides exceptional heat retention thanks to 100% natural merino lambswool. As you probably know, merino wool is renowned for its properties, such as warmth, breathability, and elasticity.

So, L.L. Bean Henley Commando Sweater will keep you warm regardless of the weather. Also, merino wool is flexible and comfortable, meaning that Commando Sweater should provide maximum freedom of movement. Moreover, this sweater comes with a relaxed fit, allowing you to find the ideal size easily.

Should You Buy It?

If you need a cool-looking sweater with an interesting story to boot, look no further than L.L. Bean Henley Commando Sweater. After all, looking like a WWII hero is no small feat, and you also get to stay warm and protected from the elements.

Best of all, L.L. Bean Henley Commando Sweater is available in two eye-catching colors, and it comes at a reasonable price. In other words, buying the Commando Sweater is a safe bet if you need to prepare for fall and winter.