Every good photographer knows the importance of having a good lens cap in their kit. While sometimes it’s more convenient to work without them, perhaps using a clear protective filter, especially when shooting quickly and trying to capture that perfect shot with seconds to spare, when it’s time to stash a lens into your bag or put it away – it’s time for a lens cap. A common problem being, of course, that we all tend to lose our lens caps, discovering that they aren’t where we need them, when we need them. That’s why KURVD created this Universal Lens Cap.

KURVD’s Universal Lens Cap is a one-size-fits-all piece of equipment that will fit on 99% of cameras lenses out there (Canon, Nikon, Sony, whatever….) and protects them from dust, water and everything else that could get in there and ruin it – or scratch the lens surface. It’s made from silicone, and simply stretches to fit over virtually any size lens, like a glove, creating a perfect seal to lock out all moisture and sand. Once it’s on, it stays on, too; it has to be pulled off, practically, and won’t fall off and be lost. You can use it as a both a front and a rear lens cap, and it’s stretchy enough that you can even stack multiple on top of each other for a thick, shock-absorbing cap on your larger zoom lenses.

The best part? You probably won’t lose it, either. The patented silicone build can be molded, compressed and stuffed virtually anywhere in your gear (even your wallet). Keep a couple of them in your camera bag to just grab and use; since it’s universal, it doesn’t matter which lens you use it on. We also think you’ll just keep a better eye on it, too – considering how nice it feels and how expensive it is.

Speaking of which – it’s not very expensive at all, considering the sheer quality and versatility this thing offers. If your photography takes you to a lot of dynamic, challenging, fast-paced situations, grab a couple of Universal Lens Caps to keep things safe. KURVD guarantees it with a Lifetime Warranty, too.

KURVD Universal Lens Cap Front KURVD Universal Lens Cap Shot