Making mediocre coffee is easy and requires little effort and zero expertise (beyond dumping coffee grinds into the machine and topping with the appropriate amount of water). Hit the Brew button and you’re set to go. But for coffee snobs that demand excellence in every cup (that’s us), or you prefer a more-finicky method of coffee making (such as the famed French Press or pourover) then precise measurements become so much more important. In that case, reach for Kruve.

Kruve: Coffee Sifter Measuring PPMCoffee-Sifter-2

Kruve isn’t a grinder. It’s a sifter. A sifter designed to create exact proper measurements for your coffee grinder, helping you precisely calibrate your grinder to the exact grind size you should really be using in that coffee maker or that exact brew.

Your coffee grinder likely has very generic grind sizes and settings (fine, medium, coarse) and hopefully a bunch of incremental settings between. But Kruve lets you customize and choose down to the second, the gram and the degree, creating grinds all the way down to the micron.

Yes, you are literally defining your coffee grind down to parts-per-million (PPM)

Kruve-Coffee_sifter-StandTons of Grind Sizes + Options

There are two tiers and 15 sieve sizes to choose from, creating a total of 105 precise grind sizes and configurations at your disposal. 105. That’s a lot more than even our favorite grinders out there…

Now, this isn’t a plug-and-play type solution – and it has a bit of learning curve to get everything exactly right, every time. But a host of videos on the Kruve website serve to show you it’s done…and if you’re obsessed with getting your coffee right every time, then we think you’ll quickly fall in love the exact grinds and perfect cup of coffee this nifty piece of coffee equipment can help you create.