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Kooper Family Rye Texas Whiskey: Real Rye with Texas Pride

Kooper Family Rye

Deep within the heart of Texas, in Hill Country, is the town of Dripping Springs, where the Kooper Family Whiskey Company makes one of the best rye whiskeys you’ve probably never heard of. Their family history in Texas goes way back, and their great-grandfather Howard Kooper adorns the labels of their whiskeys. So it’s safe to assume hat they put pride and hard work into every bottle of spirit they produce.

Kooper Family Rye is a careful blend of two whiskeys – 15-month old high rye, and 4-year old straight rye, aged in charred White Oak barrels. They age and mature them in the Hill Country climate, which is ripe for aging and imparts its own signature flavor, before blending them together with Texas spring water, filtered through limestone, to get that silky-smooth flavor.

Taste? On the nose, you get strong rye spice with fruit – raisins and apples, with hints of  Butter and caramel. The palate is strong in brown sugar and smoke, with dark fruit and tobacco. A rich rye whiskey, in our opinion. They say to look out for some mint and anise, and even dill, but it’s tough to find. On the finish, you’ll get sweet toffee, caramel apple and vanilla, along with those fruity raisins and hints you saw before.

Honestly, of all the different whiskeys we’ve tried out, this one is a favorite. At a smooth 80 proof, it’s powerful yet easy, flavorful and unique, without parting too far from your trusty rye, and heading into unknown territory. We also just love it because we love anything that’s made with the kind of care, pride and family spirit that Kooper Family Rye is made of. So why not give a bottle ago and try out some of the taste of Texas. What could be better?

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