Ever since the advent of digital point-and-shoots and readily available DSLR’s, it seemed like the fabled instant camera were a thing of the past. But that’s changing, and inexpensive instant cameras like the classic Polaroid have been making a return thanks to the current love of all things retro. So it’s only logical that another legendary camera – Kodak – wants to get in the action too.

The Kodak Mini Shot is modeled more after a Powershot than an old Polaroid, and reflects that in its digital features. But the real reason you want this camera is the built-in printer, which turns out beautiful, crisp color prints of your favorite shots in seconds with 4-pass printing, using real ink and paper. The camera itself captures 10 megapixel images, and lets you control settings such as Auto Focus, Exposure, White Balance & Gamma Correction.

And perhaps most importantly, you can connect directly to your smartphone via Bluetooth, and from there, share your photos and post them directly on social media. You can also download the Kodak app, which is packed full of editing features; you can make small tweaks, edits and corrections, or add filters, borders, or whatever other creative ambitions you might have.

All this for under $100. The real draw here is of course that it’s an instant camera – one that combines the best of classic Kodak with the best of 2017. It can print images 2.1-by-3.4 inches or square-format 2.1-inch images, and is out right in time for the holidays.

Kodak Mini Shot Instant Camera Features

  • 10 megapixel, point-and-shoot camera
  • Manually adjust Auto Focus, Exposure, White Balance & Gamma Correction
  • Built-in, all-in-one printer uses 4-pass dye
  • Print your favorite photos in seconds
  • 1.7″ LCD
  • Connects to Iphone and Android via Bluetooth
  • Kodak App lets you edit photos, add borders, and share instantly to social media


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