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Knops Ear Plugs: Hear What You Want to Hear

Knops Volume Control Ear Plugs

What if you could control the volume of your surroundings? You can with the new Knops volume-control ear plugs. These acoustic adjustable hearing solutions reduce noise in four steps. There are no electronics; they are comfortable to use and easy to carry. Why risk losing your hearing? Once it’s gone, there’s no turning back. So protect your treasures.

No more flights filled with crying babies. Church music gotten too loud? That concert music just a little too loud?  Your neighbor’s barking dog driving you crazy? With Knops, you hear only the sounds you want to hear, when you want to hear them.

Knops earplugs don’t operate like standard ear protection devices. Not they have the shape of a classic gramophone. They don’t just block out sound completely or at a set decibel rate. They allow you to customize how loud the world around you is with just a twist of a built-in knob. Each pair of Knops comes with 4 leveled steps with appropriate situations for each. Step 1 is completely uninhibited clear sound, Step 2 is appropriate for ambient city noises, Step 3 covers live music, And Step 4 offers full isolation. Best of all, they work completely tech-free. That means no charging, batteries, or wires.

Take control of your ears and what they allow in!

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