If you’re new to hammock camping, you’re probably familiar with how chilly it can get at night if you’re not prepared for it. There just isn’t the same kind of insulation when you’re a swinging a few feet off the ground and the breeze beneath you, as there is with the ground under you. Underquilts and sleeping pads can definitely help you keep you warm, but oftentimes with the shape of a hammock, you’ll find certain parts of yourself (shoulders and hips, mostly) freezing out a bit. Which is why the Klymit Hammock V exists.

Klymit makes a line of sleeping bags and pads, and with the Hammock V, they’ve put together one that specifically designed for hammock camping, with special flaps to cover your shoulders and hips and keep you warm all night. As Klymit points out, it offers 180 degrees of insulation, using what they call their Body Mapping Technology. It’s evidently huge – close to 4 feet wide in the shoulders – and 78″ long, as well as 2.5″ thick, with an R-value of 4.4 – more than enough for cold weather. Couple that R-value with it’s added flaps for extra coverage, and this is one of the coziest, most comfortable sleeping pads you’ll find.

It has a non-slip surface, as a layer of silicone coats both sides of the pad, that keeps you from sliding off and your pad from moving around the hammock. Klymit also threw in an anti-microbial laminate, to prevent the growth of bacteria and odors. The whole thing weights only 27 ounces, and despite it’s large size, packs down quite well into your pack. An added bonus is that you can also use it on the ground; this makes it more versatile than an underquilt, and should you not have appropriate trees at your campsite, you can always just throw it on the ground for the night. Overall,  the Klymit Hammock V is an excellent option for a combination of sheer warmth, coverage, portability and versatility.


klymit_hammock_v_flat klymit_hammock_v_packed klymit_hammock_v_hammock klymit hammock v pad