It’s really no surprise that someone is making carbon fiber guitars; it was really only a matter of time, seeing as how they make just about everything else from it now. Actually, we’re surprised at how few brands out there are making them. They’ve been popping up on the scene over the past few years but are still few and far between. We’re guessing a lot of guitar purists won’t give the time of day to anything not made from wood, but we think carbon fiber guitars are worth checking out, especially ones from Klos.

Why exactly go for a carbon fiber guitar? Mainly, durability and ease of use. Like all instruments, wooden guitars are delicate instruments, easily dented, chipped, scratched, and sensitive to extreme heat, cold or humidity. Building a guitar out of carbon fiber is meant to do away without a lot of that, so you can take it around with you and not worry about the weather – to an extent.

So Klos went ahead and designed this carbon fiber travel guitar. It’s got a full-size fretboard on a compact travel-size body, and the neck is detachable even more portability. You can pack it up and take it hiking, camping, traveling, just about anything you like. Klos is confident enough in their guitars that they post videos of themselves playing golf and baseball with them. Gotta admit it’s pretty cool. Each carbon fiber is individually molded and left unfinished, so as not to compromise the sound, and will have its own unique marks and mold lines, which add nothing but a bit of character.

So how do they sound? Pretty good. For a travel guitar, we think you’ll be satisfied. We guess there will always be some debate over what constitutes a good-sound guitar, and purists may never be satisfied, but the Klos travel guitar is rich, warm and clear.

You can get them in three setups; acoustic, acoustic-electric, and deluxe. Give it a shot and see what a carbon fiber guitar really sounds like.

Klos-Carbon-Fiber-Guitar-2 Klos-Carbon-Fiber-Guitar-3 Klos-Carbon-Fiber-Guitar-Fold Klos-Carbon-Fiber-Guitar-Neck Klos-Carbon-Fiber-Guitar-4