We’re always on the lookout for affordable beverages – whether it’s whisky or wine. So when we spotted a bottle of King’s Falcon Scotch for something like $27 at the local liquor shop the other night, we were of course going to try it out. The name didn’t ring a bell, but the price tag worked – and it boasted a placard informing us that King’s Falcon was awarded a 93 – Excellent and Highly Recommended – at the 2018 Ultimate Spirits Challenge.

Here’s what we thought of this Speyside Single Malt Scotch after buying a bottle.

King’s Falcon Speyside Single Malt Whisky: History and Facts

There’s not a lot of info about King’s Falcon out there, but we can tell you that it is a Speyside – that means it’s distilled in Strathspey. We can also tell you it’s a Single Malt, and that it has been aged first in American oak casks and then in Bourbon casks; the label tells such, right on the front. The front of the label also tells us that those bourbon casks lend it some nice “rich vanilla notes.”

King's Falcon Glass

On the back, we’re treated to some history – something about how Scottish kings in the Middle Ages would hunt with “their prized falcons” in the “rugged landscape” near the River Spey. So that’s how the name came about.


King’s Falcon is a rich, caramel brown – lighter than some heavy Scotches but still substantial and certainly not pale.

How Does This Speyside Taste?

In few words? It’s pretty good. On our first drink, we didn’t think it was all that strong and flavorful, but it’s grown on us. Drinking out of the vessel certainly made a difference, unlocking all the rich flavor and smoky notes for our full enjoyment.

It is a little sweet, especially on the nose – but not overly so. You can easily taste the vanilla that those bourbon barrels have imparted, and there are hints of fruitiness complementing the rich (but not overpowering) smoky flavor. The finish is smooth but has a bit of bite on the tongue.

Overall, it’s rich and flavorful, but not super complex. Many Scotch experts believe that Speysides are good for beginners, and we’d say King’s Falcon’s flavor is a perfect example of that. It has some snap but is still just 80 proof.

Final Thoughts on King’s Falcon Scotch

We give King’s Falcon a solid 8/10 – especially when the dirt-cheap price is taken into consideration. It’s not a premium Scotch, but better than a lot of similarly priced bottles – and way better than anything cheaper than it. We’d love to hear some more about the distillery that produces and know where this stuff came from, but the next time we need a Scotch and don’t feel like dropping a lot of money, this’ll bottle will have a spot on our home bar.