What’s to like about Keysmart CleanLight air purifier:

  • Easy to use and portable
  • Cup holder compatible
  • Effective LED UV-C technology
  • H13 HEPA air filter
  • Purification reach: up to 161 square feet
  • Optional aromatherapy use
  • USB charging output

If there’s one thing that we learned from the pandemic, it’s the importance of breathing clean and fresh air. Moreover, we realized that every breath is precious and that we should provide our lungs with healthy and virus-free air at all times.

So, what’s the best way to do this? Well, Keysmart CleanLight air purifier offers a convenient and efficient solution, and it also comes at a reasonable price. Of course, we had to see it in action, and here’s what we learned after a couple of days of testing and evaluation.


Like many new brands and companies, Keysmart stepped onto the scene after a successful Kickstarter campaign. More precisely, this Chicago-based company appeared in 2013, and by early 2014, they shipped the first items out of Keysmart’s warehouse.

At first, Keysmart focused on its top-selling product, the handy Keysmart key organizer. Over the years, Keysmart added several other items to the catalog, including the innovative CleanLight air purifier.


We all know that outdoor air quality is rapidly deteriorating, but we are mostly powerless to make a significant change. On the other hand, indoor air quality is an area where we can control things, but only with a reliable and effective air purifier. Here’s what to consider before purchasing.


When buying household appliances, we typically start by looking at the shape and size. Arguably, the aesthetic aspects are not the crucial element, but a well-designed air purifier will fit into any home as long as you get the dimensions right.


The design plays an essential role, but filtration systems are the heart of modern air purifiers. So, double-check this aspect and compare various models to find the best air purifier in 2022. For instance, the famous HEPA filters set the standards regarding filtration and purification.


Like most household appliances, air purifiers also require regular maintenance. For that reason, consider the ease of the process and how accessible the filters and other components are. The easier the access, the better.


Although air purifiers are not the most expensive appliances out there, they can get quite pricey. Thus, it’s essential to find the models that offer the best bang for your buck. For example, Keysmart CleanLight is a budget-friendly air purifier yet provides top-quality performances.


In most cases, air purifiers come as stationary units, plugged into the nearby socket and tucked into the corner of a room. However, Keysmart CleanLight is here to change how we look at air purification and our overall well-being.

Namely, this handy gadget is portable, flexible, and easy to use. Believe it or not, it fits into a standard cup holder, allowing you to clean the air in your car and remove 99.9% airborne pathogens. Sounds too good to be true?


The cool-looking CleanLight purifier features a cylindrical shape with a 2.6-inch diameter. Overall, the gadget is 6.7 inches tall. More importantly, Keysmart CleanLight weighs only 10.5 ounces, making it one of the lightest air purifiers in 2022.

Design-wise, CleanLight features a minimalist approach, with gray and black halves. On the top, the blue LED circle adds a touch of modernity and makes the CleanLight feel high-tech.


Speaking of technology, we should mention that the Keysmart CleanLight air purifier harnesses UV-C rays to kill 99.99% of airborne microorganisms and pathogens. In essence, the short-wave ultraviolet light with its photons destroys bacteria, viruses, or mold, sterilizing the environment.

On top of that, Keysmart CleanLight air purifier offers two working modes. You’ll be happy to hear that the fans inside this purifier operate super-quietly, at less than 27 decibels. In translation, CleanLight will do its job in the background while you pursue goals and handle day-to-day tasks.


Typically, UV-C purification systems go hand in hand with High-Efficiency Particulate Arrestance filtration technology. In other words, HEPA filters kill the microbes that UV-C rays miss.

Of course, we oversimplified things a bit, but you get the gist. Most importantly, Keysmart CleanLight portable air purifier features an H13 HEPA filter to trap odor, dust, smoke, pet dander, and other air pollutants.

By combining HEPA and UV-C, this gadget can purify up to 161 square feet. Also, we should mention that cleaning or replacing the filter with CleanLight is a breeze.


By now, you could’ve guessed that Keysmart CleanLight is no ordinary air purifier. Besides excellent mobility and usability, this device also provides a USB output for charging mobile phones or other devices. So, CleanLight can act as a power bank if needed.

Another area where Keysmart CleanLight takes the game to the next level is the optional aromatherapy usage. To be precise, this air purifier comes equipped with a tiny sponge where you can add a couple of drops of essential oil to refresh your living spaces. Since CleanLight offers an airflow of 8.58 cubic feet/minute, the scents will disperse in no time.


As we already said, COVID-19 has taught us that health and overall wellbeing are priceless. For that reason, the affordable Keysmart CleanLight air purifier should be on everyone’s list. We often take air quality for granted, but the pandemic showed why clean air is precious.

In addition, the convenient CleanLight air purifier offers maximum usability and mobility. Given that it fits into a cup holder, this device is ideal for people and families that spend plenty of time on the road. In any case, Keysmart CleanLight is worth every penny, so don’t waste time and provide your lungs with much-needed freshness.