Main features of KAMMOK Arctos 20ºF quilt:

  • Ultra-versatile and multi-practical
  • Water repellent Aura 10D UL fabric
  • 850-fill power goose down
  • Poncho + hammock underquilt + top quilt
  • A zippered footbox
  • Comfortable tapered shape
  • Affordable price

If you are ready to move beyond the traditional sleeping bags and look for something more versatile, a well-designed backpacking quilt could be right up your alley. After all, quilts offer various benefits, including unrivaled convenience and a budget-friendly price.

So, we scoured the web to find the best quilts for outdoor adventures and discovered the award-winning KAMMOK Arctos 20ºF down trail quilt. As usual, we tested it for a couple of days to see how it behaves in action. Here’s what we learned.


The chances are you’ve heard about KAMMOK, but for those unfamiliar with the name, here’s a quick recap. Established in 2010, the company focuses on outdoor gear, primarily hammocks, tarps, tents, and other camping accessories.

Most importantly, KAMMOK always uses premium-grade materials to manufacture heavy-duty, ultra-durable gear and equipment. Of course, the recently introduced Arctos quilt continues down the well-trodden path and follows the company philosophy.


Before we move on to the actual KAMMOK Arctos, we should share a few tips on buying a high-quality backpacking quilt. After all, the market offers plenty of options, making it tricky to choose the model with the best price to value ratio.


Typically, quilts offer more wiggle room than sleeping bags, allowing you to toss and turn all night long. Because of this increased freedom of movement and all the tossing and turning, finding a durable and well-crafted quilt is vital. Also, look for resilient and water-repellent fabrics when purchasing a new quilt for backpacking or alpine climbing.


Speaking of alpinism and professional outdoor explorations, we should mention that quilts are essential to these expeditions. Of course, it’s easy to see why, given that trail quilts offer excellent heat retention and insulation. So, look for quilts with goose downs for maximum warmth during freezing nights out in the open.


Like any other backpacking gear, quilts must be as compact and space-saving as possible. We already mentioned the weight, but packability and breathability are also worthy of careful consideration. Likewise, look for extra features provided by the quilt, such as innovative designs or storage compartments.


Finally, compare several models to find the quilt that will provide the best bang for your buck. Nowadays, the market offers many overpriced models, but many cheap and low-quality options are also on the menu. Thus, the trick is to hit the sweet spot between price and performance and avoid overpaying for your new backpacking quilt.


When checking the KAMMOK portfolio, we learned that the company offers three trail quilt models: Arctos 20ºF, Firebelly 30ºF, and Bobcat 45ºF. As the names imply, these quilts have different temperature ratings, making them suitable for varying applications and outdoor activities.

Since we only bring you the best, we’ll focus on the flagship model, the Arctos 20ºF down trail quilt. It might be the priciest, but it offers premium features and top-drawer protection against the cold.


Arguably, heat retention is the essential quality of any backpacking quilt. So, you’ll be glad to hear that Arctos 20ºF features Downtek™ 850-fill goose down for maximum warmth and insulation. Moreover, the goose insulation holds the RDS standard (Responsible Down Standard).

In addition, KAMMOK Arctos treated the goose insulation with a DWR finish for water repent properties. Also, the down is free from PFCs. We should also mention that KAMMOK has paired the Downtek™ system with DownLock™ technology. As a result, the internal mesh gates keep the down in place, preventing movement and minimizing cold spots.


For an untrained eye, most backpacking quilts will look the same. However, even subtle differences impact the performances when temperatures fall below zero. Likewise, design characteristics affect a quilt’s weight or packability.

For instance, the ultra-lightweight KAMMOK Arctos features a tapered design that follows the actual contours of a human body. The quilt is wider in the shoulders than in the hip area. Nonetheless, it provides plenty of wiggle room, much more than a mummy sleeping bag.


Thanks to the 850 goose down and Aura UL 10d ripstop nylon, the Arctos quilt weighs only 26 ounces. More precisely, the entire package with accessories and straps clocks in at only 33 ounces.

So, if you need a convenient quilt for long-distance hiking or camping in colder regions, the Arctos will not let you down. Best of all, it comes with a handy stuff sack and sleeping bag straps for extra convenience and usability.


When designing the Arctos 20ºF down trail quilt, KAMMOK opted for 100% recycled Aura 10D ripstop nylon and YKK zippers. For that reason, you’ll have no problems using this quilt in any weather.

On top of that, the incredible design will let you use the Arctos quilt as a hammock underquilt, a top quilt, and a hands-free poncho. Each option provides specific benefits, allowing you to make the most out of the versatile KAMMOK Arctos quilt. For example, the poncho mode transforms the quilt into a wearable blanket for extra warmth while starting the campfire or setting up the tent.


From what we’ve seen, the cool-looking KAMMOK Arctos 20ºF down trail quilt deserves the attention it gets. At the same time, this quilt is worth every penny because it offers top-notch qualities and excellent heat protection.

KAMMOK opted for the lightest and most durable fabrics, such as the recycled Aura 10D nylon. The nylon shell works like a charm in a combo with 850-fill power down and provides comfort and heat retention. So, if you are looking for a premium quilt for hiking, backpacking, or mountaineering, the versatile Arctos could be a perfect choice.