KaBar is usually known for one thing: their original knife, the combat knife first adopted in 1942 for use by the Marines, and then the US Navy. (The origin of the name goes back to 1923, when the company received a letter from a fur trapper detailing how he used one of their knives to kill a bear. The letter was partly illegible, and only “ka bar” could be made out of the phrase “kill a bear”. Or so legend has it). But the legendary knife-maker also makes a large variety of different knives and tactical tools. One we’d like to try is the KaBar Tanto.

A Tanto is a “short-sword” in Japanese, a style of sword traditionally used by samurai. It is traditionally a dagger with a thick, pointed blade meant for stabbing. The KaBar Tanto follows this design but combines it with the classic shape and handle of the legendary combat knife. It features an 8” blade forged of thick, 1095 Cro-Van steel, with a hollow grind and 56-58 hardness. It’s stiff and will hold an edge well. The handle is made of Kratom G – modern, stiff and easy to grip.  The result is a knife that looks as menacing as it is sharp and handy, tang stamped in the USA.

So what’s it good for? Well, if you find yourself in combat – defending yourself. If not, it’s still a good-looking, solid piece of gear for just about anything else you may need it for – cutting wood, everyday tasks, camping, backcountry excursions. It’s from KaBar, so you can’t really go wrong in terms of quality. And it looks cool and unique, so it may look just good in your knife collection. The KaBar Tanto will have your back whenever and wherever you may need to call on it, and the thick, edged blade is ready for any job.  A glass-filled nylon sheath is included, MOLLE-compatible to hold it at the ready.

KaBar Tanto 2 KaBar Tanto 3