What’s to like about Julbo Aerospace Ski Goggles:

  • REACTIV Photochromic lens

  • Super-fast adaptation

  • Minimalistic frame

  • Wide field of view

  • SuperFlow ventilation system

  • Anti-fog coating

Julbo is the benchmark brand for protective eyewear, which includes sunglasses and ski goggles. With over 130 years of experience, this company knows how to make top-quality products.

So, we checked their lineup in search of premium ski goggles, and Julbo Aerospace presented itself as the flagship model. Be warned, the price of these goggles is steep, but if quality is what you are after – stay with us. You will not regret learning more about this high-end product and everything it offers.

Top-quality lens

Founded in 1888, Julbo is always striving toward excellence, and their flagship goggles come packed with technological advancements.

For example, the Aerospace goggles have a REACTIV Photochromic lens, which adapts to external conditions within seconds. To be precise, it goes from 7% to 40% tint rate in 22 seconds. Of course, this technology allows for optimal visibility in any weather. No matter if you are going uphill or downhill, Julbo Aerospace will adapt and activate the REACTIV lens to provide crystal clarity.

Premium design

Julbo Aerospace ski goggles can offer superb performances, but they also look fantastic! Available in 10 color variations with different code names, the Aerospace goggles feature a minimalist frame and eye-catching design.

At the same time, the Dual Soft foam will hug the contours of your face and provide comfort even for long-lasting ski sessions. Also, we should mention the AXIS strap system, which will ensure a snug fit at all times.

Excellent ventilation

So far, so good? Well, Julbo Aerospace is an impressive model, and these ski goggles exceed expectations in all departments. However, the ventilation system on Julbo goggles is their most prominent feature.

In other words, Julbo Aerospace comes equipped with proprietary SuperFlow technology. What this means is that you can detach the lens and create a venting gap between the lens and the frame. All you need to do is to push with fingers on both sides and pull the lens to the front.

The so-called hinged lens is a system that could seem a bit fiddly at first, but once you get used to it – say goodbye to sweaty and foggy goggles. But in any case, Julbo Aerospace also comes with anti-fog coating that prevents fog formation.

Should you buy it?

As we said, Julbo is a brand that demands respect, and their ski goggles are in a league of their own. The same applies to Aerospace, a premium model with plenty of advanced features and technological solutions.

So, if you are in the market for the ultimate ski goggles, Julbo Aerospace is the way to go. These goggles will never let you down, and they will both look good and offer excellent visibility. Durable and ultra-breathable, Julbo Aerospace will raise your skiing or snowboarding game to a whole new level.