JL Lawson goods are a throwback to another era; a time when everything – even toys – were made with craftsmanship and from quality materials. Kids used to walk around with real metal trinkets – like tops – in their pockets. Not the cheap plastic stuff we see today.

That’s apparently the kind of stuff JL Lawson wanted to bring back, because they’ve done so with serious pizzazz. They’ve created a whole line of machined goods replicating everything from those old-fashioned tin tops to copper coins, trinkets and kaleidoscopes.

Those copper kaleidoscopes, just for example, are all hand-machined from a solid bar of copper, with gem and glass ends then put in the end. It includes a solid brass stand with wool liner, too.

JL Lawson EDC Top

Another little trinket we’ve got our eyes on, is their EDC Brass Top. It’s exactly what it sounds like: a classic top designed for “EDC” in your pocket, just for fun – and machined from a single, solid piece of brass. It has a (3/32″) tungsten carbide ball in the tip to make for a smoother spin and extended lifespan, and includes a leather carrying pouch. Give it a spin…and it will keep going for anywhere from 5 to 9 minutes. (Really.)

The name JL Lawson comes from the founder Anthony Lawson’s grandfather, and all JL Lawson pieces –  whether tops, rings or beautiful stainless bottle stoppers  – are hand-machined in their own small, Southern California machine shop. Every one of their products is limited-edition, “small batch,” as they can only make so many pieces at a time. But they make each and every one of them with  attention-to-detail, precision and care. The same care that JL Lawson himself would have used when machining parts way back when.


If you’re looking for some fun, unique trinkets to EDC with you everywhere you go…grab one of these and keep it rolling.