Jetboil is known for their awesome, hot, super-fast and efficient camping stoves, and they’ve actually gone ahead and created what looks to be a certainly invaluable tool to add to your camping kit: the Jetgauge Fuel Canister weight scale. This handy little device actually weighs the amount of fuel left in your canisters and lets you know exactly how much is left, eliminating the need to obnoxiously shake the canister and play guessing games to see what’s left.

The Jetgauge has 3 settings, which lets you weight 100g, 230g and 450g Jetpower (Jetboil’s proprietary canisters) canisters accurately. There’s also one additional setting for weigh any other piece of gear you like; use it to see how much your kit actually weighs. The numbers pop up on the digital screen, showing you both the actual weight of a piece of gear, and what’s left in the can in terms of a percentage of the capacity. And don’t worry; it’ll work with all isobutane and propane fuel canisters,

Jetboil also included a cool guide that helps you plan how much fuel to bring on your trip, showing how long certain amounts of fuel will burn for, etc, and helping you gauge how much weight is necessary to bring.

It’s a simple tool, but one that could come in particularly handy when minimizing weight and creating the most efficient, lightweight kit and pack possible. At less than $15, it’s worth spending the money on – and others agree; Backpacker’s Magazine named it the JetGauge the Editor’s Choice for some of the best Backpacking Gear of the Year this year.

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