Frequent fliers know how important the right luggage is. You’re entrusting this bag or hardside suitcase with getting your clothes, essentials and valuables safely to their (your) destination, dodging hazards and obstacles such as the TSA checkpoint, escalators and people-movers, and mad dashes to the gate when things are running a little bit behind. And that’s not to mention the abuse, knocks and spills traveling inflicts on your luggage as you shove it into the overhead bin. Some people even spend $500-$1000+ on their luggage for this very reason.

Well….you’re welcome to spend $500 on a bag, but we’re gonna stick with this awesome TSA-approved, rolling suitcase made from real jerrycans.


Yes – real, genuine, gas-toting jerrycans. (Okay – hopefully these never actually held any gasoline.)

But they’re fastened out of real, .08mm thick steel jerrycans. Cans cut into a durable and attractive rolling suitcase designed to handle all the bumps, nicks and bruises that your luggage will be subject to on any domestic or international flight. (Don’t get us started on flying budget-class). You get your choice of a plush foam or an egg crate foam inlay to cushion and protect your fragile gear. The exterior of the suitcase uses a powder-coat for scratch-resistance and sheer durability.

There’s a durable butterfly lock to keep everything safe and sound, rubber wheels for tackling airport obstacles and city streets. The telescopic handle is sturdy and easy to pull behind you.

But the best part of all? It’s a real freaking jerrycan. So show off your gear head credentials and love for fast rides on your next trip with this 20-liter, carry-on sized bag.