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Is Jealous Devil The Premium Charcoal We All Need This Summer?

Jealous Devil Charcoal

If – until now – you were just hauling that same old grocery store brand charcoal out to the grill for every cookout, blissfully unaware that there was even a world of premium charcoals out there…you were just like us….

Because the idea of special, high-end charcoal never once crossed our minds…until we spotted Jealous Devil lurking out on Amazon.

The name itself was attention-grabbing enough. Jealous Devil claims to provide a superior burn to regular hardwood charcoal; twice the cooking power (with over 7000 k/cal per gram), a max burning temperature of 1170F, and a much longer burn time.

That all sounds impressive, for sure – though we honestly don’t know what temperature regular charcoal burns at (and don’t feel like looking it up).

But we do know that Jealous Devil is made from 100% South American hardwoods, with no fillers, glues or scrap material in there (why not North American hardwood? We don’t know). It even comes in a waterproof, resealable bag – a big improvement over the stuff regular charcoal comes in?

A Word on Lump vs Briquette Charcoal

If you unsure what the exact difference between lump and briquette charcoal is, we’ll make it simple: Always Go Lump.

Lump charcoal is real charcoal. It’s simply pieces of wood, burned in a no-oxygen environment that eliminates sap and water, leaving a rock-hard, energy-dense piece of blackened wood free from impurities and ready to burn blazing hot. It lights easily and burns densely and for a long time and makes for an easily-controlled burn when oxygen is added to the mix.

Briquettes, on the other hand, are made from saw dust and wood scraps, which are mixed together with an additive (sort of like a glue) and then compressed tightly into dense-burning chunks. They burn longer than lump charcoal, but do not usually get as hot…and don’t produce the same kind of clean, pure wood smoke taste that lump charcoal makes.

Jealous Devil: Premium Charcoal For Serious Grilling

Want to give a bag of Jealous Devil a shot? It is more expensive than your typical bag of Kingsford, but if it burns that much hotter and that much longer…you’re going to need a lot less of it per cookout.

Either way, it’s a surefire way to rev up the grilling game this summer.

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