James Brand is known for their sleek, compact minimalist pocketknives, which tend to be both some of the most attractive and the simplest EDC knives any knifemaker is creating these days. It’s clear that this Brand has no fear when it comes to making fresh, original knife designs, and that’s even more apparent with their latest creation – the Hell Gap.

The James Brand Hell Gap is named after the famed archaeological site in the Great Plains of Eastern Wyoming, though we don’t think there’s any reasoning behind that name other than it sounds wicked cool. It’s a new direction for the brand – their fixed blade knife meant for everything from chopping vegetables to whittling on your next camping trip (the brand calls it a “cutting polymath.”

S35vn Steel, Micarta Handles

The goal here was to make a fixed blade knife that looked as good as the sleekest of pocketknives, and wasn’t intimidating to carry and wield, while still remaining hefty and useful. As such, it’s 7.8” long, with a 3.8” Crucible s35vn stainless steel drop point. S35vn steel provides the perfect balance of edge retention, sharpening and corrosion-resistance, and is comfortably light, too.

The steel is balanced by micarta handles, which provide tons of grip without adding much weight. Ergonomic gimping on the back of the blade adds grip, and there’s a loop in the handle for attaching a paracord lanyard, making it a worthy, easy-to-carry sidekick for everyday outdoor use.

Made-in-America Quality and Reputation

If there is one thing that could give potential buyers pause, it’s the $335 price tag. At least, until they realize that this knife is entirely Made in the USA, right in Meridian, Idaho. The build quality and expert craftsmanship are there, as is the care and attention-to-detail. And, the James Brand includes a Limited Lifetime Warranty with all their blades.

If you’re looking for a truly stylish, truly modern, but still truly functional jack-of-all-trades fixed-blade knife…give the Hell Gap a shot.

James-Brand-Hell-Gap-4 TJB_Hellgap_Micarta_OD_Product_004 James-Brand-Hell-Gap-2