What’s to like about iunio Survival Axe:

  • 16-inch handle
  • Ingenious tubular design
  • Easy to assemble/disassemble
  • Protective sheath
  • Super-sharp stainless steel
  • Self-adhesive camo wrap

Imagine going on a camping trip without a hatchet by your side. It doesn’t sound like fun. Now, imagine going on the same trip with a multi-functional axe that can chop, slice, cut, and protect. Yes, that would be a whole different story.

For that reason, we present you with iunio Survival Axe, a camping hatchet that provides a range of features. Ready to learn more? Let’s get to it.

Innovative Construction

First, we start with the extraordinary design of this model. Meaning, we want to explain how iunio Survival Axe comprises several segments. These tube sections fit into each other thanks to the screw-on system.

So, each segment fits into the next until you end up with a 16’’ handle and a well-balanced head. No fear, you’ll break down the sections with ease, but we recommend tightening them as much as you can. By doing so, no squeaky sounds or loose grip will appear. We should also say that each section comes rubber gaskets, preventing moisture from entering the space inside.

Tools and Features

Speaking of tubular construction, we should also mention that most of the tubes hold a handy gadget or a tool. For instance, iunio Survival Axe comes equipped with a glass breaker, a hammer, a compass, and a bottle opener. If that’s not enough, you’ll also get a fish scaler tool, an emergency whistle, and a flint/magnesium rod.

The actual head of the hatchet also plays a multi-functional role. On one side, you’ll find a super-sharp stainless steel blade. On the other, a square-shaped hammer will be at your disposal. Therefore, it’s clear that the iunio Survival Axe covers many areas that could be critical when surviving in the great outdoors.

Well-Built and Durable

Best of all, this model is as tough as the best camping hatchets on the market. As we said, the high-carbon steel head is so sharp you could use it for shaving. Other segments are also sturdy.

As expected, iunio Survival Axe comes with a protective sheath. Two snap buttons will hold the hatchet in place, allowing you to attach this modern tomahawk to the belt and play the role of a bushcraft warrior. Also, you could add the self-adhesive camo wrap to make the axe even more eye-catching. At the same time, this wrap will act as an anti-slip cushioning and sweat-resistant surface.

Should You Buy It?

Secure and practical, iunio Survival Axe is up there with the best in the hatchets market. With its top-notch aesthetics and durable materials, this axe should meet the needs of most users.

So, if you are a hunter, a boy scout, a prepper, or a camper, look no further than iunio Survival Axe. Tough and durable, this model ticks the boxes for being a must-have hatchet in 2021 and beyond.