Whats to like about iunio Hiking Trowel:

  • Durable stainless steel

  • A comfortable handle

  • 9.5 ft rope

  • Versatile and multifunctional

  • Resharpenable blade

Camping and other types of outdoor activities require an array of tools. From shovels to knives, you should have it all by your side.

However, this can be easier said than done. Often, we cannot carry all those tools because of limited storage space. In those moments, high-quality multitools can save the day. For instance, the iunio Hiking Trowel is a feature-packed and versatile device that can meet most usersneeds.

We took it for a spin, and heres what we learned.

Premium Materials

In 2014, iunio stepped onto the scene, offering quality products for a reasonable price. Quickly, this Chinese startup attracted a massive customer base thanks to its innovative products and durable materials.

The rugged iunio Hiking Trowel continues down the same path, combining a stainless steel blade with a resilient plastic. Precisely, the wear-resistant blade features high-carbon steel. Therefore, you can use it for various tasks, with no fears of damaging this compact shovel.

Functional and Effective

The pointy blade and the comfortable handle work in perfect balance at all times, making the iunio trowel one of the best in the market. As we said, you can use this multitool for a broad range of tasks and outdoor activities.

The secret lies in the creative design of this product. In other words, the iunio hiking trowel comprises several different tools, including a saw, nail puller, ruler, and a hex wrench. Also, it can double as a shovel. If thats not enough, a 9.5 ft paracord wraps around the handle, allowing you to use it when needed.

Comfort and Usability

As expected, the handy iunio hiking trowel is perfect for those who obey the leave no traceprinciple. In other words, you can quickly dig a cathole with this tool. Nevertheless, this trowel is perfect for many different tasks, not only the digging jobs.

For instance, the serrated edge could help you with sawing through branches and pieces of firewood. All told, this multitool weighs only 6.8 ounces, offering one-handed operation as well. Most importantly, the handle provides a secure and comfortable grip. With the rope wrapped around the plastic, youll feel no fatigue, even after digging for hours.

Should You Buy It?

Thanks to its sharp 4-inch blade, the iunio hiking trowel can handle any outdoor challenge. It all depends on your creativity, but this tool will even let you spear a fish. Of course, its perfect for setting up camp or digging a cathole.

Since it offers various features, the iunio hiking trowel can go with you on any adventure. Best of all, you can resharpen the blade hassle-free. Plus, the tool doesnt weigh much, adding less than 7 ounces to your backpack. If hiking or camping are your favourite hobbies, iunio hiking trowel can be your one-stop-shop for many tasks. In any case, it will get the job done, so consider having one of these babies by your side.