The quest for finding the ultimate hiking boot seems to have come to an end. Yes, the all-American KEEN Summit hiking boot (available in Mulch/Black or  Dark Shadow/Yellow) is the type of footwear every outdoorsy person should have in their arsenal.

Why is that so? What makes KEEN Summit one of the best boots for hiking, backpacking, or even forestry work? Let’s check them out in full detail.

General Features of the KEEN Summit Hiking Boot

Ever since 2003, KEEN has been producing footwear and similar accessories in their factory in Keen Summit Hiking Boot 1Oregon. And, now they seem intent on reaching the summit of the hiking boot industry.

The KEEN Summit is a model that survived our ultimate hiking boot test. For that reason, we decided to present it to you in an in-depth review.

So, KEEN Summit is a 100% leather boot that provides excellent warmth and protection out in the open.

To be precise, this boot features a 450-gram keen that delivers targeted insulation to your toes. A breathable membrane makes the boot waterproof, which means that you can cross shallow streams or even hike during the rain.

On top of that, the rubber sole offers impressive support and traction. In other words, you will not slide or slip around while you explore the great outdoors.

Keen Summit Hiking Boot 2A high collar (9.5 in) will prevent snow from falling in, but it will also keep your ankles warm and tight.

All in all, the KEEN Summit hiking boot is a heavy-duty piece of footwear that can resist the cold weather and allow you to walk on all sorts of terrain.

What Impressed Us the Most?

The list of impressive features of this model could go on for days. But, to make a long story short, we will mention only a couple of them.

For instance, we liked the thermal heat shield footbed. The underfoot comfort is off the charts with the KEEN Summit hiking boot!

Likewise, the rubber sole lived up to expectations. If you decide to venture off the beaten track, KEEN Summit will never slip.

Tips for the First Use of the Boot

Even though these boots are sturdy and reliable, they are not overly bulky. However, you will need to break them in first.Keen Summit Hiking Boot 4

So, try wearing them around the house for a couple of hours/days before taking them out on the trail.

Besides breaking them in, you should also consider leaving a bit of room for a wool sock.

Moreover, if the temperature is below freezing, this step is a must! Even the KEEN Summit boot will not be able to protect you for days if you get stuck in the snow.

The Verdict

In conclusion, we can confirm that the power of the KEEN Summit hiking boots is overwhelming. These boots are in the league of their own when it comes to thermal protection and insulation.

Even so, is this the best hiking boot you could buy? Well, the answer depends on your style and the type of outdoor activities you prefer.