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Suit Up With The Iron and Resin Enduro Denim Jeans

Iron and Resin Enduro Denim Jeans

Most people don’t put a lot of thought into their jeans; they just grab a decent pair that fits, comes in the style they’re looking for, and has a dye they like. Which is totally fine, because not every piece of clothing in your wardrobe needs to be some high-end piece of gear that you spend half a week’s paycheck on. When your Levi’s wear out, just get another pair. If, however, you do enjoy putting some effort and additional pride into the pants you wear every day, and want to spend your money on the best you can get, it’s time to look into a pair of jeans that will last a lifetime, and look impeccably good everyday of that lifetime. In other words, Enduro Denim from Iron and Resin.

Iron and Resin knows how real the struggle is when trying to find a durable pair of denim. No matter, you will eventually stretch out your knees and blow out a few pairs of crotches. So, they built the Enduro Denim Jeans to combat that problem, spending over two years combing through every detail and inch of jean design to get it right. They started with America’s best denim fabric, found in North Carolina at the famous Cone Mills, and worked with its creators to make it even tougher, by incorporating Dyneema (everybody’s favorite superfabric) into the yarn. This results in a tough, abrasion- and tear-resistant fabric built for the long haul.

They then cut the fabric into a pair of classic fit jeans, with slight taper, and gave them Western style pockets, which are easier to access when sitting, moving and staying flexible. There’s a whole list of other features – like triple-needle stitched rise and back yoke, reinforced twill pockets, etc, and custom copper buttons and rivets – but all you need to know is that these are a classic pair of jeans, rugged and built to last more than a single year of everyday wear. And, they’re made in the USA.

If you’ve got a very reasonable $150 to spend on a pair of jeans, Iron and Resin has the pair you’re looking for.

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