There are nice pens out there…and then there’s Inventery – based in Los Angeles, the new design center – and their Pocket Fountain Pen. This modular fountain pen is a versatile and utilitarian-minded writing tool, designed for everything from everyday office tasks to doubling as a stylus for use with your tablet or smartphone, with a look somewhere between executive ballpoint and EDC tac pen.

It achieves this look with a body machined from metal and finished in one of four finishes: Onyx, Brass, Black Oxide and Brushed Chrome. Each pen has been coated to keep the brass from leaving a smell on your hands. The body feels comfortable everywhere – it’s small enough to fit comfortably in your pocket, but also large and substantial enough to fit on your desk – and the interchangeable cap designed allows you to use it one of four configurations (cap, capless, keychain or stylus) Heck, you can even trick it out for double-ended reading.

The ballpoint pen comes with Schmidt FH 241 fine point nib – machined from stainless steel that comes in different colors and is perfect for fine writing. 9 refill cartridges are even included. Perhaps even cooler, however, is the .5mm PRS interchangeable ballpoint head, which lets you turn the Fountain Pen into a rollerball pen that works with other fountain pen ink cartridges.

All that and it weighs 39g. Inventery also sells an Extender kit, which has a refillable Schmidt K8 Converter. This extends the length of the pen by 28mm but makes refilling simpler and easier and reduces overall empty cartridges.

The Inventery Fountain Pen makes an excellent addition to your EDC kit, while still looking at home in your business pursuits too. It starts at $135. We’re partial to the Chrome.

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