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InstaPrivy: Want A Portable Camping Toilet? Try This One For Size

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Relieving yourself in the great outdoors is anything but fun. It’s usually not something people want to talk about…and when it is, it’s usually out of awkward discomfort. And that makes sense…because who really wants to talk about it? “Finding a bush” can be awkward and uncomfortable. And while any good adventurer knows the importance of “packing it in and packing it out,” and Leaving No Trace…that can be a hassle.

Instaprivy Portable Toilet 2

Getting a portable camping toilet, like the InstaPrivy, can make these problems obsolete.

There’s two parts to this 7-pound, pop-up contraption. The first and more noticeable is the Hands-Free Privacy Shelter. Essentially a mini pop-up tent that forms a sort of collapsible, portable porta-potty and can be thrown in the bed of your truck or the back of your camper. A vent screen allows you to see out around you as you take care of business, and allows “odors to ventilate,” according to the screen.

If a pop-up privacy screen seems a bit superfluous by itself, the second part of the kit – the portable Toilet Chair – makes the InstaPrivy’s real value apparent.  It’s exactly what it sounds like – a folding plastic chair you can suspend a bag from for easy cleanup and easy packing out. It can hold up to 250 pounds.


Both the privacy shelter and the toilet chair pack down into a portable toilet kit that you can wear on your back and makes it easy to bring with you on the trail or stow in the vehicle. Plastic waste bags, toilet seat covers, hand sanitizer and a shovel are all included.

The more traditional-minded and outdoorsy amongst us will probably find this a bit ridiculous. Overkill. You won’t be lugging it on any lightweight backpacking trips. But the car-campers who love to get away from campgrounds and vault toilets might find it useful.

And it’s kinda funny, too.

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