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What The Heck Is Infento? Modular Rides For Kids Of All Ages

Infento Modular Ride Kit

Tired of buying a new bike for your kid everytime he or she grows a few inches? There is, believe it or not, a solution out there – Infento.

Infento calls itself the World’s First Real Constructible Rides and allows you to create virtually any number of unique, fun rides for your kids – not just bikes. You can turn it into virtually anything from a wagon to a tricycle or manual-powered go-kart large enough for a 13-year old, allowing Infento to essentially grow up alongside your kid.

You start with one modular kit, and can add more pieces and kits over time. Or not. You get to choose. The fun starts with the Go Kit, which costs only $139 and gives you the choice of 4 simple rides, and makes its way up to the Master Creator Kit, which costs $649 but offers you 9 different customizable rides and is large enough for pre-teens too. Split that cost over the years, and you’re getting a bunch of high-quality, fun rides for a not-terrible price tag. All the parts are included, and all you and the little one have to do is assemble it together.

If you feel the idea feels a little bit silly, you’re likely not the only one – but we think it’s pretty cool. Not only do you get a bunch of cool rides to choose from, but you also get the fun of building them and customizing them yourself. Or rather, your kids do – allowing them to learn, create and build from a young age.

It’s definitely a novelty, and it’s not exactly but cheap, but if you’re looking for a unique way to have some extra fun with your kids’ bikes, trikes and scooters, Infento is a pretty cool toy.They even make snow kits, which include skis to turn Infento in a slope-carving ski-scooter combo or even a modular toboggan.

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