Everybody’s favorite modular furniture retailer, IKEA, is celebrating 75 years by launching collections consisting of some of their best pieces over the last seven decades. With furniture from as early as 1950 to now, the three collections – entitled the Gratulera series – feature new version of lighting, furniture and tables. Highlights include the classic Klippan sofa, which was Ikea’s first available sofa, and the Ekanaset archchair, as well as the Strandmon wing chair, which was a personal favorite of Ikea founder, Ingvar Kamprad, and the deceptively comfortable RAANE wire armchair.

Whether you’re looking for something bright and colorful from the ’60’s or something modern and contemporary, the Gratulera series will has something for you; the first collection focuses on furniture and art from the 50’s and 60’s, the second on the 1970’s and 80’s, and the third on items from the last 2 decades. They’re launch in August, October and December, respectively.

Some people might find them a bit…old-fashioned. Like something out of your grandfather’s old 70’s house (with that dark wood paneling.) But we think there are some real classics in this new collection.

Only a limited number of each item – in any of the three lines – will be produced. It will also only be available in stores. So if you’re looking to redo your home in that classically simple, minimalist Scandinavian style, don’t delay. This is your best chance to get some retro vibes and make your home that much more stylish. Scandinavian Wood Paneling not included.

ikea-75th-anniversary-collection ikea-75th-anniversary-collection-2 ikea-75th-anniversary-collection-wood-paneling ikea-75th-anniversary-collection-pink