Main features of the iCLEVER BK05 Foldable Keyboard:

  • Space-saving, tri-folding design
  • Aircraft-grade aluminum body
  • Compatible with Windows, iOS, and Android
  • Integrated Broadcom Bluetooth 5.1 chip
  • Wired & wireless operating modes
  • Three backlight color options

Opening a 15-inch laptop on a train, plane, or bus looks good in movies, but have you tried it in real life? The uncomfortable position and hassle of carrying those cumbersome devices could frustrate the Dalai Lama himself, let alone a busy person trying to get some work done on the go.

So, what’s the solution? The best portable keyboards hold the keys to internal bliss and nirvana, and we have the top-rated model. Namely, the convenient iCLEVER BK05 Foldable Bluetooth Keyboard is compact, lightweight, and travel-friendly.

Sounds impressive? Let’s see what it can do for you.


A space-saving keyboard could be a worthwhile investment if you are a road warrior and spend plenty of time traveling.

Thanks to their foldable design and impressive usability, these keyboards save space in a tech pouch or a backpack. Thus, they can help you stay clutter-free while increasing productivity. In addition, top-quality foldable keyboards will connect effortlessly with various devices, allowing you to work on smartphones, tablets, iPads, and everything in between.


If you don’t want to settle with ordinary, flimsy portable keyboards, we suggest comparing several models to find the one suiting your style and preferences. On top of that, travel-friendly keyboards offer various features and come at many price ranges, making it tricky to choose the ideal option.

So, to separate the best from the rest, consider the following aspects:


First, check the charts to see the numbers regarding shape and size. After all, the best keyboards for traveling should be as lightweight and portable as possible. If not, you might as well bring your standard keyboard and plug it into a laptop. So, check the keyboard’s dimensions before moving on to other elements.


The chances are your traveling keyboard will bump into things and earn battle scars as you carry it around on your urban adventures. For that reason, it’s wise to pick a rugged and well-built model with sturdy and resilient materials. Metal keyboards offer long-time usage, but many portable keyboards also feature high-quality plastics.


Buyers should also check the responsiveness and the overall ease of use when looking for a new portable keyboard. Ergonomic designs are essential, but you should also check the layout and positioning of the key buttons. Likewise, connectivity and compatibility also fall under usability’s umbrella, so consider these elements.


Don’t forget to check the price before purchasing. High-end keyboards for traveling come at higher prices than you might expect. On the other hand, many travel-oriented keyboards like the foldable iCLEVER BK05 will not burn a hole in your wallet.


The BK05 model has been around since 2016, but this portable keyboard still attracts attention and offers quality service. The convenience it provides is still impressive, while the aesthetic aspects remain among the best in the market.

Namely, the foldable iCLEVER BK05 keyboard operates in a wired or wireless mode, depending on your needs. We also liked the background-lighting options, with red, green, and blue on the menu. Here’s what else the BK05 keyboard offers.


We already mentioned the importance of finding a durable keyboard for traveling, and the well-built iCLEVER BK05 foldable keyboard fits the bill. Namely, the manufacturer opted for a resilient, aluminum-grade aluminum alloy, making the BK05 model capable of handling plenty of wear and tear.

As a result, this foldable keyboard weighs 9.12 ounces. Compared to other models, the durable iCLEVER BK05 model is among the lightest portable keyboards in 2022.

Besides the brushed aluminum case, this pocket rocket also features sturdy hinges for effortless folding. Likewise, you’ll like the flip-out feet with anti-slip rubber pads because they let you position the keyboard on almost any surface.


As the title says, this portable keyboard uses Bluetooth technology to connect with other devices and transfer data. The iCLEVER BK05 Foldable Keyboard comes with a built-in Broadcom Bluetooth 5.1 chip with an operating radius of 33 feet.

This multi-device keyboard pairs seamlessly with the latest gadgets, computers, and smartphones. You can start the Pairing mode by pressing the Function command and the C key simultaneously. Of course, you can also use a USB cable to pair devices via a wired connection.

The iCLEVER BK05 Bluetooth keyboard is compatible with Windows, iOS, and Android devices. Both connection types, wired and wireless, offer a stable connection and a hassle-free setup.


The all-black BK05 foldable keyboard has an eye-catching aesthetic, and you’ll attract the attention of your fellow passengers every time you start typing on this handy gadget. At the same time, the ergonomic design will not cause fatigue or discomfort, and the two feet will keep the keyboard balanced and securely positioned.

The iCLEVER BK05 portable keyboard has 78 keys, an impressive number for a foldable model. Thus, the typing experience is like the one on a standard keyboard. In addition, this model features responsive keys and color backlighting.

The silent, oil-infused keys on the BK05 keyboard are ideal for typing on the go or when working at night. So, the overall experience earns top marks, even though people with larger hands might find the keys a bit congested.


And there you have it: a comprehensive iCLEVER BK05 portable keyboard review. And yet, there’s more hiding behind the innovative foldable design. For instance, we didn’t mention the 750mAh rechargeable battery offering up to 300 hours of use with the backlight off.

The affordable BK05 model is an ideal keyboard for traveling, one of the best on the market. So, if you need a silent and sturdy keyboard for comfortable typing on the go, this product could be a worthwhile investment.