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Check Out This $300 Ice Ball Maker For Your Drinks

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Fine whiskey connoisseurs (and more casual drinkers, to be fair) know that there is really only one way to drink whiskey on the rocks – with a large round ice ball, as opposed to regular cubes. The much larger, rounder ice cube actually had less surface area than any other shape, and thus melts much more slowly than the smaller, more jagged cubes –  resulting in much less watered down whiskey – and what’s the point of drinking a watered down whiskey? It also just looks a lot classier. There are a few different ways to make these ice balls at home, most of which involve putting water in a round silicon mold and popping it in the freezer. Which works fine, by itself, and is pretty cheap too. But if you’re a budding bartender, or just taker your home whiskey collection seriously,  that doesn’t really compare to the Whiskey Co’s Ice Ball Maker.

The Ice Ball Maker is made of Solid Anodized Aluminum and Brushed Stainless Steel, which are apparently the ideal material for making perfect ice, thanks to it’s heat dissipation properties. You probably have no idea what that means, but be assured that this thing makes some perfectly spherical balls of ice. All you have to do is fill it with water, stick it in the freezer, and come back a couple hours later. They even include some nice tongs for taking it out.

But wait, why exactly is this mold worth $300? What’s wrong with the $5.99 silicon mold you can grab at Target? Well, nothing. But just as there is always a place for luxury, fine alcohol, there is a place for luxury bar goods. You can even get it engraved.  The Ice Ball Maker is an attractive piece of barware that fits with any decor, and the perfect complement to an ultra-fine, $100 liquor. If you have the money kicking around…you’ll never water down your drinks again.

Whiskey Co Ice Ball Maker Features

  • Aluminum and Brushed Stainless Steel Build
  • Easy to use; simply fill with water and place in freezer
  • Makes a perfectly spherical ice ball
  • Ice ball lasts longer than regular ice cubes, avoids watering down your drink
  • Pair of metal tongs included



Check Out This $300 Ice Ball Maker For Your Drinks Check Out This $300 Ice Ball Maker For Your Drinks Check Out This $300 Ice Ball Maker For Your Drinks Check Out This $300 Ice Ball Maker For Your Drinks

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