Main features of the Hydrow Rowing Machine:

  • A futuristic yet comfortable design
  • Electromagnetic drag system
  • 3.000+ instructor-led exercises
  • A breathtaking 22-inch HD screen
  • Full-body workouts (86% of muscle groups)
  • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity
  • Weight capacity: 375 pounds

Now that we live in post-pandemic times, you’re left with no excuses for not working out. Yet, many don’t want to re-activate, hating the thought of driving to a crowded gym.

Instead, we opt for convenience and do the workouts at home, saving money and time. For example, we tried the high-performing Hydrow rowing machine, a futuristic device promising to get you in the best shape of your life.

Sounds too good to be true? Let’s see.


Home workouts offer plenty of benefits but are not everyone’s cup of tea. However, the proper equipment will motivate anyone, especially after seeing the first results. So, here Hydrow steps onto the scene, given that this machine uses the latest technologies.

Namely, a former US National rowing team coach designed this fitness machine from the ground up, making it intuitive and effective. In addition, Hydrow’s philosophy is to create a community of like-minded people, and that’s why the Hydrow rowing machine focuses on interaction and friendly competition.


We all know that Peloton paved the way for other home-training devices, but not every gadget you buy will prove to be a worthwhile investment. Some are better than others, and buyers should do the homework before splashing the cash.

For instance, we recommend considering the following aspects before purchasing a new machine for home workouts. This checklist will help you avoid adding a fancy, expensive ‘coat rack’ to your cluttered closet.


Every fitness machine on the planet should follow Hydrow’s example and use premium, durable materials. Period. Flimsy and cheap-looking devices will fall apart after several sessions, leaving you disappointed and depressed. So, check the construction and see if the machine features heavy-duty components capable of handling plenty of wear and tear.


A complicated device would force anyone to quit. On the other hand, an intuitive machine will make workouts enjoyable, leaving you wanting more. Thus, buyers should compare several models to find the most straightforward devices with easy-to-use commands. You should only focus on the workouts, not reading the manual over and over.


Finally, we come to the ever-present topic, especially with inflation skyrocketing. Even though home workouts save money on gas and gym memberships, the best fitness equipment can come at hefty prices. Therefore, buyers should browse reviews and look for devices offering the best price-to-value ratio.


The Hydrow rowing machine combines high-quality hardware with sophisticated software, and this formula helped Hydrow take the world by storm.

Dimension-wise, this fitness machine is not the smallest, but it will not take an entire room or your garage floor. More precisely, the Hydrow home rower is 86 inches high, 25 inches wide, and 47 inches long. The complete system weighs 145 pounds, while the weight limit on this rowing machine is approximately 375 pounds.

Of course, stainless steel elements are almost indestructible, but the same applies to the industrial-grade pulling strap. More importantly, this component makes every stroke silent and smooth.


Unlike the old-style rowing machines where you had to pull against actual weights, the modern Hydrow device uses computer-generated resistance. As a result, the machine effortlessly adjusts to your needs and capabilities.

The electromagnetic drag mechanism imitates real-life situations, making you feel like your canoe is speeding down various waterways. At the same time, Hydrow’s adjustability is ideal for rehab and conditioning because this machine offers low-impact workouts for the entire body. After all, you’ll work 86% of your body’s muscle groups by rowing on the Hydrow.

The low-stress grip allows pain-free pulling, and you only need to worry about timing and elegance.


The dynamic monitor that pivots left and right or up and down is Hydrow’s selling point. The 22-inch touchscreen display creates an immersive rowing experience, transporting you to the most scenic locations. In addition, front-facing speakers contribute to creating a real-life atmosphere.

We already mentioned Hydrow’s software, and now it’s time to explain what it can do for you. First, Hydrow supports several connection protocols, primarily Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and Ethernet. You can even sync it to Strava and track your progress.

After connecting to the Internet and paying the monthly membership fee, users can access Hydrow’s massive library of 3,000 sessions and workouts. Instructor-led training will transform your strength and endurance while the breathtaking scenery relaxes the mind.


It could take a while before you become a regatta material, depending on your fitness level and dedication. Nonetheless, this indoor rowing machine will provide a pleasant experience because the ergonomic design offers maximum comfort.

The Hydrow rower features a cushioned 10-roller seat, adjustable foot placements, and a comfy handle. Hydrow also earns top points for convenience because the company offers an Upright Storage Kit for vertical, space-saving storage. The 22-inch screen will fold to save extra space in the closet.

Likewise, the user-friendly Hydrow rowing machine exceeded our expectations with its training programs and live-streamed workouts. The All-Access Membership costs $38/month, and it will bring an on-the-water experience to your home. On top of that, Hydrow offers 1:1 Personal Coaching sessions for a limited period upon redeeming your first session.

Now that we live in post-pandemic times, you’re left with no excuses for not working out. Yet, many don’t want to re-activate, hating the thought of driving to a crowded gym.

Instead, we opt for convenience and utilizing home gym equipment while also saving money and time.


There’s no sugar coating this – Hydrow comes at a hefty price and will set you back more than $2000. Yet, this home fitness machine is among the best you can buy in 2022, considering the options it provides.

Aerobic training holds the keys to a healthy life, and the sleek Hydrow rowing machine is an investment in your future self. So, if you want to enjoy breathtaking scenery, captivating sounds, and quality workouts, Hydrow could be the ideal option.