Just about everybody makes a good growler for the trail nowadays. But portable wine bottles, designed and built for the outdoors? Not so common. So we’re pretty pleased to see that HydroFlask, one of our favorite water bottle brands, is making one.

The HydroFlask Wine Bottle is made with HydroFlask’s famous Tempshield Double Wall vacuum insulation, which fights off condensation and keeps your wine at exactly the same temperature you poured it in at, all day. Because the only thing worse than warm wine is warm beer.

It’s crafted from the usual 18/8 Pro-Grade Stainless Steel, which doesn’t impart any flavors to your wine – so you can enjoy it exactly the way it was meant to be. It’s also BPA and Phthalate-free. The

HydroFlask also took the design of the Wine Bottle seriously. In addition to the practically-indestructible stainless steel build, there’s a silicon base to give it extra grip and traction outdoors (wouldn’t want to spill all that nice wine, would you?) and the insulated cap is leakproof. Lastly, HydroFlask gave it a “Pure Pour” spout, which is wide enough to be easily filled but pours wine evenly and without drips.

Pair it with HydroFlask’s 10-ounce Wine Tumbler, and you’re ready for enjoying wine everywhere from the local park to the top of the mountain. If you ask us, that’s all you need for a good time; wine and the outdoors. At 25 ounces, it holds one bottle of wine impeccably.

Hydroflask-Wine-Bottle-2 Hydroflask-Wine-Bottle-6 Hydroflask-Wine-Bottle-5 Hydroflask-Wine-Bottle-4