We love Hydro Flask water bottles. They’re not cheap, but they are solid pieces of double-walled, insulated stainless steel that manage to keep your hot drinks hot and your cold drinks cold for hours on end, while also putting up with any rugged use your hikes, treks or bike trips put them through. So we were very glad to see Hydro Flask take that same idea (insulation for cool drinks) and put it into some brand new, sleek hydration packs – dubbed the Journey series.

The Journey Series sets out to solve a problem that anybody who has ever hiked or biked with a hydration pack on their back has run into at some point: water going lukewarm. Few things are worse on a hot summer’s day or hike through the desert. So, Hydro Flask put in some insulation in the form of a neoprene reservoir sleeve with a reflective coating, and then paired this with an insulated IsoBound 3L reservoir from HydraPak (not to be confused with HydroFlask; they source the reservoirs from someone else). Together, these two components form the HydroFlask Cold Flow system.

For further insulation, the articulated back panel is designed to keep some space between your back and the reservoir; this helps keep your back and body heat heating up the water inside through conduction. The Cold Flow system is supposed to keep water cold for up to 4 hours – enough for most of a day hike or a bike ride. We won’t be able to test it out in person until they come out this spring, but we imagine they’ll do the job; the outside of the pack is waterproof with sealed seam and YKK sealed zippers, so it works for all-weather treks, as well.

The Hydroflask Journey series will come in 10L and 20L sizes, each weighing 3 and 6 pounds respectively. They’ll retail for $165 and $200, and you can count on them to provide some nice, cool refreshment on your all-day bike odyssey’s this summer.

Hydro Flask Journey Series