Huts Bruk has a rich tradition of axe-making. The grounds on which they forge their axes have been in use since 1697, when the spot was chose thanks to its strategic location – near a stream to power the water wheel for the forge. And, despite many changes of hands over the centuries, Huts Bruk is still forging axes as tough and tradition-bound as their first. Our first look: the Jonaker, their most compact hatchet.

The Jonaker measures only 9.5” long, making it an excellent choice when compactness matters – such as hiking, camping or wearing on your belt. With a head of Swedish steel and handle of American hickory, it weighs only 1.5 pounds in total. The head is designed to have a tempered zone that maintains sharpness well. And it’s been pounded multiple times to ensure a very hard, durable axe-head.

It comes packaged in a durable leather sheath (decorated with traditional Swedish embellishments) and is ready for whatever you’re going to use it for. The Huts Bruk has an entire lineup of solid axes, in case you’re looking for something longer, but the Jonaker is the perfect hatchet for use around the campsite. The tradition is palpable.