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The HuskeeCup Is Made From Recycled Coffee Husks

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Frequent coffee drinker? Us too (no surprise). Did you know that every single coffee bean you purchase, grind and brew into a rich warm cup of coffee, was originally encased in a husk, and that every year over 1.3 million pounds of husk are wasted?  Well, HuskeeCup seeks to change that, turning all that wasted material in a fully-functional, stylistically pleasing coffee cup.

HuskeeCup comes in 6oz, 8oz and 12oz sizes, and in both black and white. The repurposed husk ares durable, stackable and chip-resistant, as well as recyclable and dishwasher safe. Huskeecup has also included some very innovative features, including drainage slots in the bottom of the cup for washing, and the grooved shape on the inside is meant to help with properly fusing milk into the coffee, and distributing heat evenly throughout the drink.

Pretty fancy for a coffee cup, huh? Still, if you’re looking for a renewable, eco-friendly way to enjoy your next cup, HuskeeCup is a great option. They also come with a universal saucer to the complete the set.


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