If you work on the computer for hours on end every day – like most of us these days – then whether you know it or not, you have good need for standing desk or computer stand – something to bring your computer up to a comfortable standing height. Interspersing periods of standing between hours of sitting can have a huge impact on your posture, comfort and overall health. There’s a variety of solutions out there, but our new pick for the best is the Quickstand Lite.

The problem with a lot of standing desks and standing desk converters is that they are bulky and expensive (unless they’re cardboard); cheaper models generally don’t give you the option of switching from standing to sitting, either. And the problem with many laptop or monitor stands is that they are almost always flimsy and wobbly.

The Quickstand Lite isn’t cheap, but it does solve the rest of those problems.

Designed by Humanscale and winner of a Red Dot Award, the Quickstand Lite is perhaps the nicest monitor mount we’ve seen. It’s capable of supporting one or two monitors, up to 25 pounds, while intuitively adjusting to your standing or sitting height; swing the arm all the way down to the desk to sit down or bring it up to a maximum of 20” above the desk (average standing height) for when you want to stand. There’s another 5.5” of monitor adjustment height for fine-tuning the way you like, and a smooth counterbalance makes the transition between sit and stand effortless, yet firm.

That doesn’t sound all that fancy, but compared to a lot of cheaper models, this thing sounds like a luxury. The steel build is sturdy, smooth and elegant, and the sleek minimalist aesthetic should work in almost any room or office.

At $599, the Quickstand Lite still isn’t an “affordable option,” but the sleek styling and sturdy construction set it apart in our book. That’s why we’re calling it the Best Standing Desk Converter of 2019 – a serious addition to your office that might revolutionize the way you work –  the health benefits of standing at your desk cannot be dismissed.

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