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Hults Bruk Tarnaby Hatchet: So Sharp You Could Use It in a Barbershop

Main features of the Tarnaby Hatchet:

  • Hand-forged Swedish steel
  • 15’’ curved hickory handle
  • Weight: 2 lbs. 3 oz.
  • Heavy-duty leather sheath

Camping trips often require a hatchet, but this tool is also essential for any work in the backyard. However, it can be challenging to find a sharp and durable axe at a reasonable price.

Well, that’s why we scoured the market in search of the ultimate all-purpose hatchet. Soon enough, it was clear that Hults Bruk Tarnaby Hatchet offers an excellent price to value ratio. We took it for a test ride, and after a bit of chopping and splitting, Tarnaby showed its true colors.

Want to learn more about this cool-looking product? Stay with us.

Centuries of tradition

Believe it or not, Hults Bruk goes back to 1697, which makes it older than the United States! But how does a company survive for centuries? Well, you have to offer top-notch products, and Hults Bruk exceeds expectations with every piece of steel they forge.

Located in Southern Sweden, the foundry uses traditional methods. For example, Hults Bruk Tarnaby is a hand-forged hatchet. On top of that, modern sharpening techniques will allow this axe to keep an edge for ages.

High-quality materials

If you are a fan of Vikings or games related to the Scandinavian mythology, you already know that sharp blades were essential for survival in these regions. Hults Bruks uses the heritage of the Swedish warriors to create a carbon steel head for the Tarnaby. Well-balanced and super-sharp, the head weighs 1.25 lbs, which is within the industry standard.

The vintage shape of the cutting head is functional and practical. That’s also the reason why Hults Bruk Tarnaby Hatchet offers excellent woodcutting performances. In other words, this small-sized axe will get the job done no matter what. If you need to make kindling, clear an area in the woods, or set up camp – this hatchet will be a life-saver.

Ergonomic design

Among other things, a hatchet should be easy to use and comfortable. Well, Hults Bruks Tarnaby is a model that meets both of these criteria. Namely, this hatchet comes with a 15’’ curved shaft made of US-sourced hickory.

The hickory handle is hand-sanded and extremely well-balanced. It will provide you with a secure grip and allow you to whack away. Moreover, it comes with a hole in the end for convenient storage. On top of that, Hults Bruk will include a leather sheath to protect the blade when not in use.

Should you buy it?

The undeniable charm of Swedish steel will make you fall in love with this hatchet at first use. After all, Hults Bruk Tarnaby is a premium-quality model, built with love and attention to detail. Exquisite craftsmanship is rare in this day and age, and that is why you should include the Tarnaby in your arsenal of tools at the first opportunity.

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