Main features of Huckberry All-Weather Duckboot:

  • All-weather, all-terrain performance
  • Cushy, soft insole
  • Shock-absorbing EVA midsole
  • Full-grain leather upper
  • Hyper-traction Vibram outsole
  • A classic “Trapunto” toe box
  • Speed hook lacing technology

Even though duck boots traditionally focus on function over form, Huckberry All-Weather Duckboots stand apart from the rest. Since they come highly recommended, we took these eye-catching boots for a test to see how they behave in action.

By closely looking at the most prominent features, our review covers every base and shines a light on Huckberry All-Weather Duckboots. So, without further ado, let’s check how Huckberry put a twist on the traditional duck boots design.

Huckberry: Company Overview

In essence, Huckberry’s marketing philosophy is that the right product sells itself, which is why this brand skyrocketed in popularity over the last couple of years. Established in late 2010, Huckberry is the brainchild of Andy Forch and Richard Greiner, former finance professionals who chased their dreams and entered the world of online retail and outdoor gear.

Although they lived in the city, Richard and Andy lived for adventure, receiving lots of support from a like-minded community in California and the rest of the US. Nowadays, the company sells more than 750,000 products a year, with major publications like Forbes and Business Insider featuring the brand.

As a rising star, Huckberyy attracts plenty of attention, and the same goes for the innovative All-Weather Duckboots. But, in a way, this model showcases Huckberry’s boldness to move the boundaries and step into the unknown. After all, the company would never grow into a multimillion-dollar business if it didn’t offer unique products that tell the brand’s story.

How to Find the Best Duckboots?

Practical and durable, the famous duck boots are all about keeping your feet warm and dry at all times. In the recent period, the duck boots renaissance brought the timeless design back into the mainstream. So, for ski seasons in Tahoe or spring camping trips up to the Half Dome in the Yosemite Valley, duck boots can be the perfect all-rounder.

Essentially, duck boots are the hybrid option, combining the features of hiking boots and everyday urban sneakers. So, the essential elements of modern duck boots are insulation, protection, and comfort.

Also, people looking to buy high-quality duck boots, such as Huckberry All-Weather Duckboot, should consider durability, water resistance, and price. Finally, of course, choosing your new footwear usually starts by looking at aesthetic aspects, and the best duck boots look attractive and attention-grabbing.

Huckberry All-Weather Duckboot: Designed for Performance

Speaking of the best duck boots on the market, we should say that Huckberry All-Weather also belongs to the cream of the crop. Why? Well, the list of reasons is rather long, but it all starts with a well-designed shape and premium materials.

After wearing them for a couple of days, it was clear that Huckberry All-Weather Duckboots offer excellent protection against the elements while ensuring complete comfort and traction in any terrain. Sounds too good to be true? We were also skeptical at first, but here’s what made us change our minds and fall in love with this unique combo of boots and sneakers.

Maximum Comfort

For starters, we should mention the cushioned EVA midsole that provides all-day comfort and adds a bit of a bounce to your step. Of course, cushioning is the secret sauce that makes the All-Weather Duckboot a full-blown, take-it-anywhere boot. But, most importantly, the EVA platform is wide and spacious, ensuring more ground contact and helping with stability.

Arguably, the overall design might make these boots look chunky, but that’s what duck boots are all about. For instance, Huckberry opted for a soft, supple leather to create a sock-like collar on the top of this model. Thus, any time the boots come in contact with the skin, you’ll feel warm and comfortable, with no scratching or irritation.

Rugged and Durable

Even though comfort is crucial for day-to-day activities, your favorite boots should also be as dependable as possible. That’s why you’ll be glad to see that Huckberry All-Weather Duckboots can survive years of wear and tear thanks to high-quality leather, sealed seams, and waterproof glue.

Namely, these boots come with a full-grain leather upper and a rubberized leather rand, combined with a hyper-traction Vibram outsole. Even the suede rim around the ankle area will face adverse weather like a champ. So, Huckberry All-Weather Duckboots fully justify their name with outdoor performance in adverse weather and rugged terrain.

Waterproof and Protective

As we said, duck boots come with a famous toe box, also called the ‘Trapunto.’ In essence, the five-clawed pattern features matching stitching and provides plenty of room for your toes. On top of that, most duck boots come with mudguards that protect the feet from water, mud, or dirt.

In this case, Huckberry All-Weather Duckboots feature a single piece of leather that wraps around the foot nearly to the heel area. Hence, no water will penetrate this barrier, and you can cross streams and ponds with ease.

Excellent Traction

Another element we already mentioned is the Vibram outsole, an industry standard for a maximum grip in any terrain. In addition, the grippy surface will provide extra stability in wet conditions, which is vital when crossing over rocky areas.

Admittedly, Huckberry All-Weather Duckboots are not hiking boots, and the reduced flexibility might bother experienced backpackers or hikers. Yet, the power of this model comes from the waterproof body, so tradeoffs are acceptable. In any case, the outsole will not let you down when the going gets tough.

Quick-lacing System

Finally, we should also mention the handy, quick-lacing system that will help you get out into the outdoors in a flash. To be precise, the lacing comprises six holes on each side with four hooks in the ankle area. As expected, high-quality brass hardware provides ample space for the waxed cotton laces, allowing you to tighten the upper and create a snug, waterproof fit.

Should You Buy Them?

From what we’ve seen during the tasting stage, the cool-looking Huckberry All-Weather Duckboot is worth every penny. Best of all, this model comes at a relatively affordable price, and it offers excellent value for money.

So, if you need durable and protective footwear for the upcoming season, look no further than Huckberry All-Weather.