Frequent fliers and globe-trotters understand the need for quality luggage. You need to ensure that all your valuables and personal belongings receive adequate protection as you rack up those miles. And that means investing in a top-quality suitcase…such as the like M5 Cabin Bag.

M5 Cabin Bag: German Luxury

This German-engineered cabin bag combines top-of-the-line baggage design and quality with luxury. An aerospace-grade German polycarbonate shell provides bombproof shock-absorption and protection, while the inbuilt compression pad keeps things cozy and secure inside. The front-pocket is lined with water-resistant nylon and a Italian Vachetta leather…designed for holding your 15” laptop securely and comfortably. On the top of the bag is a one-click removable smart charger that is approved for travel by all airlines and through TSA checkpoints.

Personal Travel Concierge…Included

Included with the purchase of the M5 is a year of Personal Travel Assistance. Dubbed Hrizon GO, this service provides with you with quick access to your own dedicated travel agent, who can handle “accommodation, flights, transfers and experiences” for you based on your own preferences. With reservations and suggestions tailored precisely to your own tastes at the push of a button or a quick call, Hrizon Studios calls this the easiest, most hassle-free way to quickly upgrade your travel experience.

Hrizon Cabin Bag

Hrizon Studios is so confident you’ll love this high-end smart suitcase, they give you a 100-day risk-free trial. Don’t like it? Send it back within 100 days no questions asked.