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The 2017 HPC Revolution X is the Fastest E-Bike We’ve Seen

2017 HPC Revolution X Shot

It, admittedly, took us a while to admit that electric-bikes aren’t just some passing fad or gimmick. Or that they are suitable for anything other than urban commuting. This especially rings true for electric mountain bikes. While there are some nice ones out there, doesn’t that just take the fun out of mountain biking? The HPC Revolution X, however,  might have us convinced.

It may be a lot more appropriate to think of the HPC Revolution X as an electric dirtbike, as opposed to a regular mountain. It certainly looks, feels and performs that way, and costs about the same. Designed to be the ultimate “ultimate Freeride/DH electric bike on the market”, the Revolution X is hand-welded from aircraft-grade aluminum, manufactured in Los Angeles – a traditional home of aerospace manufacturing.   In fact, every single piece of the bike and frame are custom-designed and made from CNC aluminum, including the bottom bracket, headtube, swing arm, and shock mounts, right here in the USA. The frame all together only weight 12.8 lbs.

The electric motor is capable of either 5,000W or 6,000W, depending which you choose, and is coupled with a Schlumpf High Speed Drive, 85T equivalent front chainring. Put those together and this bike can actually reach 60 MPH. Yes, almost as fast as driving on the highway. And it’s downhill capabilities are no slouch, either. It has a  203mm Rockshox Boxxer World Cup Fork, suited for the most extreme downhill, and the Vivid R2C Air shocks give this 9″ of travel. Don’t worry about braking, either, as the Revolution X has Magura MT7 quad pistons, ready to handle any corner or drop with ease.

So if extreme downhill mountain biking sounds appealing to you – or the equivalent of electric dirt biking – the Revolution X retails for $11,500.

HPC Revolution X Specs

  • Made in USA
  • Aluminum Frame with 9″ Travel
  • 203mm Rockshox Boxxer World Cup Fork
  • Vivid r2C Air Shocks
  • Magura MT7 quad pistons
  • 26″, Kenda Nevegal tires
  • 5,000W/6,000W electric engines
  • Schlumpf High Speed Drive crankset
  • Capable of 60 MPH with 6,000W motor (50MPH with 5,000W)



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