Fidget spinners? EDC pens? Unique trinkets with no real purpose? We’ve seen ‘em all. We’ve even seen ‘em all rolled into one. We’ve just never seen one as downright classy and stylish as the HoverPen.

HoverPen’s Kickstarter calls it the “executive pen that defies gravity.” We call it the best-looking fidget spinner in the world. Machined from high-quality, beautiful aluminum with a smooth, satin finish, the HoverPen is nothing more than a ballpoint pen and cap – there are no fancy components, moving parts or batteries. But it’s perfectly balanced and can literally stand up – on its specially-crafted stand – on its own. Seriously – it just stands there. You can even spin it and it will stay vertical and balanced as it spins around like a perfectly-balanced top. If you flick it, it springs and bobbles back and forth – but doesn’t topple over.

We gotta admit: that’s pretty cool.

Legit design apart, the HoverPen is a straight-up functional pen, too. It has a magnetic aluminum cap that slaps on with some spunk, and the Swiss-made ballpoint cartridge flows and writes beautifully, whether you’re taking notes or sketching designs. It’s also screw-capped, and stays firmly planted inside the pen while spinning in order to keep that perfectly. It’s easy and quick to refill, too, thanks to compatibility with any Cross brand refill cartridge.

You can choose from a matte or shine aluminum HoverPen. Want to really show off? Get it in Titanium, with a classy matte finish. And because of the exact precision needed to achieve perfect balance, you can expect it to truly perfect – every time.

Hoverpen Executive Pen Hoverpen Executive Pen Hoverpen Executive Pen Hoverpen Executive Pen