We’ve all been there. You’re out in the wild on a frigid night or morning, huddled under a blanket around the fire to keep warm. Or even worse, there is no fire, and you’re huddled around a singular camping lantern pretending it’s a fire – because you may as well convince yourself you’re warm, right? Well those nights are now officially a thing of the past with the Hot Pocket.

While your typical Hot Pocket usually needs a good 60 seconds in the microwave to get blazing hot, this one is designed to keep you warm – and does it with the push of a button.

Instead of utilizing hand warmer-type pads or the old hot water bottle trick, the Hot Pocket uses two “radiant heating pads,” which are powered by an Ion battery. As it’s a stuff sack, you stick your sleeping bag inside and use it to preheat your sleeping bag a whopping 20 additional degrees. Then, the insulation holds that heat in, allowing you to fall asleep comfortably. 20 degrees doesn’t sound like much, but can make a HUGE difference in how comfortable you are in a chilly bag. It works for car camping, backpacking or hammock camping, and they also promote it as a good choice for extra warmth on road trips and traveling. Heck, they want you to use it to keep warm at the next chilly football tailgate.

The Ion battery takes 90 minutes to recharge, provides 6 hours of heat per charge, and will automatically shut off to prevent overheating or damaging your bag. You can also use it to recharge your phone via USB. Since it works with any old USB charger, you can charge it in your car, on a regular power outlet, your PC or even a USB-compatible solar charger for continued warmth out on the trail.

The Hot Pocket comes in Small, Medium and Large sizes, and you can currently snag one at the Early Bird Special of $99 on Kickstarter. Pledge more and you get your pick of the many  combos they offer with sleeping bags, quilts and more included.

Hot-Pocket-Sleeping-Bag-Sack-2 Hot-Pocket-Sleeping-Bag-2