Horse Racing is an entertaining sport with a lot of close fast-paced action, where horses are moving at 70 mph. This means that there is a chance that something could go wrong, and horse riders gear needs to special and provide protection as well as function.

On top of that, clothes must be comfortable and easy to move at high speed. Even if you are taking a horse riding at a slow speed, falling off the horse might result in an injury since most the horses are higher than 1.5 meters.

In other words, the rider’s gear is as important as finding the right best horse racing site that allows beginners to practice. The best gear to use is the one that provides you with a comfortable feel and allows you to move freely and at the same time protects you from injuries.

The basic garments for horse riders include a vest or body protector, helmet, jacket, gloves, riding pants, socks, and riding shoes. Let’s go through some of them and explain why they are important for horse riders.


We start with the most basic and necessary horse riders’ gear that every rider must wear. In almost all horse races or rides, wearing a helmet is mandatory just because it is a fundamental element in the protection of the rider.

Rider’s helmets are made of unique materials that include turpentine or resin. These are special materials designed to absorb impacts and prevent the helmet from separating and digging into the rider’s head.

Additionally, they are lightweight and comfortable to wear, which is also important in a horse race.

Protective Clothing

Even though wearing protective clothing is not mandatory in most horse races or riding classes, it is recommended. Protective clothing has the ability to absorb shocks and possibly avoid injuries to the rider.


Since there isn’t an official season for horse racing or riding and this is a sporting activity that lasts throughout the entire year, horse riders need something to keep them warm in cold weather. This is a garment of choice and apart from its weather protective abilities, it is also a fashion statement that is really important in horse racing.


Gloves are another optional gear for riders, but very necessary, especially if you race the horse at high speed. Gloves are a great way to avoid the discomfort that the reins can cause on your hand, and avoid scratches in the event of a drop.

When choosing the type of gloves, make sure to go for ones that adapt to the shape of your hand and are comfortable to wear.

Riding Pants

Riding pants are actually very important when going on a horse ride. Since you are about to experience big friction from the saddle, you’ll need a fabric that is comfortable to wear and yet prevent wear from the constant grinding.

The rider’s pants should also be stretchy and comfortable just to allow free movement which is very important when riding a horse.

Horse Riding Boots

Good quality riding boots are essential for every horse raider. It is recommended that you go for boots with a higher fit just to add additional protection to your legs. Most riders either go for a full boot that reaches the knee or a short-angled boot just because any length that is in-between might collide with the saddle and cause you discomfort.

Most horse-riding boots are made of leather and they are very durable for the tough terrain.

It is also recommended that you go for a boot that has a slight heel just to fit the frame better and prevent your foot from slipping.

Horse Riding Equipment

Apart from the rider’s equipment, you’ll need additional elements in order to complete the process.


Choosing a comfortable saddle is the best way to start learning horse riding and get the most out of your skills. Horse riding is a tough activity that requires a comfortable sitting position, and the horse saddle is crucial for this job.

Remember a poorly adjusted saddle can be painful for the horse or the rider.

Horse Trap

In order to maintain balance on a horse, you need a secured strap. The basic horse trap has a standard structure headband and two cheek pads. The headband goes over the neck’s nape and keeps the trap in place with the cheek pads.


The horse-riding harness is one of the most important parts of the horse riding equipment list. This is the part where it is inserted in the horse’s mouth and serves to control it in the best way. The thicker the bridle is, the better it will be for the horse.

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