It’s important to have a range of ways to keep your home and possessions secure – even if it’s just for your own peace of mind.

In this article, auction sale company Property Solvers explore some of the more exciting, advanced and convenient security gadgets that are available to help you keep your property safe and intruder-proof.

Smart Doorbell Cameras

In recent years, doorbell cams have become one of the most popular pieces of advanced security equipment. Ring, Eziviz, Remo and Lorex are just a few of the companies that offer this product.

The concept behind the smart doorbell camera is very simple – if a person rings the doorbell, its inbuilt camera will activate. You will then receive a notification on wherever smart device you choose, wherever you happen to be.

You’ll be able to see a live feed from your camera, showing you who is at the door. Most products of this kind allow you to communicate with them as if via an intercom system. You can even get doorbell cams that interact with a smart lock to allow you to let visitors in remotely.

Some of these gadgets can also be set up with motion activation.

Smart Locks

Carrying a key can be a security risk, as this small item can easily be lost, stolen or broken, preventing you from accessing your home and enabling unauthorized guests to let themselves in if they get hold of it.

A great way to circumvent this potential problem is to invest in smart locks. These handy products can be operated by way of a fob, a code or even a smartphone or fingerprint.

Some smart locks can be operated remotely, allowing you to grant visiting friends access without having to go to the door yourself.

You can buy smart locks from major security manufacturers like Yale as well as newer brands such as Igloo Home and Ultraloq.

Motion and Sound Activated Cameras and Lights

The mere presence of security cameras can be enough to dissuade potential intruders, so these items make a superb addition to any setup. Some cameras can even send a feed to your smart devices to help you keep an eye on things wherever you are.

You don’t need to have them recording all the time, churning out hours and hours of footage to trawl through – instead, many of these products are motion activated, meaning they’ll only start recording when they sense movement.

There are also security lights that are activated in this way, removing the possibility for an intruder to use the cover of darkness to approach your home.

You can choose the distance at which these gadgets function, so they’re only triggered when absolutely necessary.

IP Cameras

Webcams and other recording devices can be set up in the home to keep an eye on pets or to notify you when unexpected movement occurs in any room.

IP cameras are ideal for this purpose, as they capture high resolution images and audio, and can capture and send footage to any device you choose.

Pressure Doormats

Pressure sensitive doormats are clever products that notify you by setting off an alarm or ringing a bell whenever someone sets foot on them.

This will alert you to someone standing at your door before they knock, ring or try to gain entry in any other way, making it the perfect option for those concerned about would-be criminals “casing” their home.

All of the above tools – and many more besides – can be employed in a range of combinations to help you keep your property safe throughout the day and night, whether you’re at home or not.


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